Friday 14 September 2012

Mum's Birthday

September is also my mums birthday! I love my mums birthday as I really go to town with her card and always try out something new. Even if it doesn't work, we both get the enjoyment out of discussing how we could make it work next time!

So this year I wanted to try canvas paper, it's meant for printers but hey anything is fair game when it comes to crafting! And I LOVE IT! It is fabulous to work with, the ink moves as it has a glossy finish and as it dries gets darker and darker.

Here's the background of the card.

To do this I used a mask of cogs and sprayed green ink onto it, then once dry distressed it to loose the brightness of the white areas then used a postal stamp at the top and bottom. The beauty of the canvas paper is how much ink it can hold, I sometimes struggle as I like to play with my inks and some papers/cards just curl as they dry, canvas paper doesn't, I left this to dry over night when I came back to it, it was slightly wavy I smoothed it out and it was as flat as a pancake!  

Here's how the finished card looked

You don't really see much of that beautiful background!

The card is made up of loads of different stamps, the postage stamp frames are from Dimension Stamps ref: 1808011A as is the Forget-me-not (bottom left hand corner) ref: 0701081a, the other stamps are ones I found in my stash.

I stamped lots of different images coloured them using distress inks, cut them out and glued them flat to the card. The only raised sections are the ribbon (I may have over done it slightly!) and the butterfly.

The only down side to canvas paper is once it touches glue it is stuck there are no second chances with canvas paper lol!

Mum loved it and I loved making it I really can't wait to play some more with it!

As it was mums birthday Little Lady also made her a "card"

Great isn't it!

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