Wednesday 20 November 2013

Crazy days!

This week is a lot like being on a giant roller coaster, with incredible highs and terrible lows!!!

So lets start with the highs, last weekend we were at the fabulous Ross Papercrafts show in Sheffield, it was lovely to meet so many of you and also catch up with those of you we had met earlier in the year, and stopped by to share your lovely crafty makes!

Also we are off on our travels again, this time to Blakemere Village and we will be having a stand at their Artisan Market selling our beautiful hand painted ceramics, hand stamped fabric bags and much much more.

So if you are near by why not come and check it out, Father Christmas will be there with his donkeys. To find out more visit their website

And as for the lows my little lady is poorly sick! She is never sick and this bug has seriously knocked her for ten, to a point where she doesn't even have the energy to craft! Shocking I know!

And the worst part of all, is she is desperate to go to school as she is missing doing her work!!!! Bless hey!

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