Sunday 12 January 2014

Better late than never....

Happy New Year!

I know it is a little late but things have been crazy busy here at Crafty Roo HQ. So crazy I am not really sure where to begin...

I guess the big news is I finally got around to designing some new stamps and they are completely different to any I have designed before, hopefully I will be able to share more next week, when I will have them in my inky hands and be making loads of new samples.

But for now here is a sneaky peak! Don't tell anyone!

We are also working on revamping the website so stay tunned! 

Little Lady started back at school and there are sooo many changes, firstly the groups have changed rooms (she didn't like that!), we have "New" children. And probably the hardest bit for her, is her favourite teacher has moved to another group and she has got a new teacher which was the end of the world! 

That was until Little Lady decided to head butt the playground floor with spectacular style and luckily it was her new teacher that made everything alright, so she now as a new favourite teacher! 

So all in all for a kid that hates change or not having time to process things that are different she has coped extremely well! Not to forget we have also had Jabs this week!

Fingers crossed next week should (No) will be less hectic! 

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