Tuesday 4 March 2014

Spider-tastic day!

Here is a card made using our new little critter stamps, this one is called Sally Spider!

These stamp are great as you can make a card in minutes.....

For this card I started by stamping Sally three times onto an 5 inch square piece of white card, making sure they were stamped in the top two thirds of the piece of card, across the bottom of the card I stamped "Have a" and "Spider-tastic Day!". I added a straight line from each of the Sally's to the top of the card. Just above the text I added a ribbon and in the top two corners I added a brad.

Next I chose three different colours of pearlescent paper and onto each I stamped Sally. Out of the remaining paper I created a background, by adding a strip of each colour to a 6 inch square card. Onto that I attached the stamped image. 

Finally I cut out each of the coloured Sallys' bodies and attached them to the card and gave each one two googley eyes.

I hope you like these new stamps, if you do why not check out our website

Stamps used for this card

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