Wednesday 28 May 2014


I bet you all thought I had disappeared! Nope I had just been Little Lady knapped! It's a long story, I guess I should start at the very beginning. 

Last weekend (well the one before that!) was my very last Ross Papercrafts Show for a while, for those of you who came along you and saw my waddling will understand why! Baby Roo is definitely effecting these old hips of mine, so I have to admit defeat and take a little "time off" but we will be back in September (well Mr Roo and Crafty Nic will!) and I will definitely back in November! I will update the show dates shortly!

While we were at Ross I got asked a few times how these little beauties had been made.......

Well all it is is Kraft card, with Rich Cocoa Memento Ink stamped onto it and coloured in using very soft coloured pencils, nothing more fancy! It gives you a fab effect and can be used for any design!

So I can hear you all ask what I plan to do with my "time off" well I am in the process of designing some new stamps mainly for Christmas but there will be a few other things too. And making lots of new samples to share! So stay tuned!

But probably my biggest job is keeping my promise to my Little Lady. From the moment we started talking to Little Lady about Baby Roo we talked about her moving bedrooms and for a little girl that doesn't like change it's a big deal! That was until she realised SHE could decide how it was decorated! From that point she was all for it, except I was busy so I made a promise, and in our house a promise is something you never break, maybes and mights can be changed but promises nah! 

I promised when I did my last show I would start to paint her new bedroom (here comes the problem part!) with anything she wants, over the past month she has had a plan brewing in that giant noodle of hers. So for the past week and a half I have been locked in her new bedroom painting, every time I think I have nearly finished she wants something else adding! But the end is sight her carpet arrives tomorrow so today is the final day of demands!!!!!!

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