Thursday 31 July 2014

End of the School Year!

I can't believe Little Lady has finished school, it only feels like yesterday I was packing her off on her first solo adventure 

and she has now completed her first year at school (well nursery!)!

 Boy has she grown sooo much this year, she has gone from a little girl who was shy and nervous to an independent young madame who happily walks into school all by herself, well with her "bestist friend ever!" She is really looking forward to September and is driving me crazy asking how many more days till she can go to school! 

Before school finished she was awarded the "Queen of Calm" award for always making sure everyone gets a turn, calming any situation and having a calming influence on others! I couldn't be prouder! As for a photo - yep I forgot my camera - at least I remembered the assembly!

So in true Queen of Calm style she decided she had to make a present for her teacher, but not just her group teacher but all of them because "they all help me!" So, what can you make for 8 YES 8!!!!!!! teachers!!!!

An apple of course.......

All painted by little lady! She even wrote all the tags herself....

Yes I know what you are thinking the tag was 30cm long! And with each tag she wrote she told be why each teacher was sooooo special! 

And for those eagle eyed among you do you like the "Thanks" stamp? Well watch out on the website as it is coming very soon!

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