Saturday 30 May 2015

Leafy Doodles

I just love our new Leafy Doodles stamp set, it is so much fun to work with and you always get great results!

Oh, and speaking of leaves our second batch of purple beans are growing brilliantly, we found the culprit who was re-homed! 

I seem to be stuck on these little cards at the moment, so to make this card I cut I cut an A4 piece of card in half long ways and folded it at 14.5cm long (trimming off the extra). 

Next I cut a piece of card 13.5cm by 9.5cm and stamped each of the solid leaves each in a different colour (2 greens and a brown) randomly all over the piece of card and attached this to the base card.

Out of the same colour card as the base card I then cut a narrow strip of card 2.5cm by 10.5cm and attached this to the base card too about 2.5cm in from the right hand side of the card. Around the left hand side of the card I wrapped some string.

Onto a piece of white card I stamped 1 of each of the solid leaves in the same colour that they were stamped onto the backing card and over the top stamped the detail leaf in black ink. I then cut these out leaving a small boarder.

Finally I arranged the leaves along the strip of card using foam pads, doubling up the foam pads on the centre leaf.

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