Friday 9 September 2016

Back to School and a giveaway!!!

** Giveaway now closed**

7 weeks! but surprisingly it flew by, we got up to all sorts.

This week it was back to school for Little Lady she is bouncing around and loving it, which is so lovely to see. Her confidence is a million times higher than ever before.  And as for Little Man he is missing his big sis, for 7 weeks he has been her shadow and she has been his voice, his entertainer and fetcher. He only had to grunt and up she would jump up and and know exactly what he wanted. Sounds peaceful doesn't it, well they also fight like cat and dog, in a split sec they can go from the best of friends to arch enemies. Would I change them????? depends what day you are asking lol!

The scariest bit is this time next year I will be sat crying into my cornflakes because Little Man will be starting his very own school journey - actually lets not think about that, the chaos he will cause!!!!!!

So, to make up for deserting you all for the past few week how about a giveaway! I know, new territory here, we have never done this before so play nice! 

All I am asking, is you leave a comment below or on our Facebook page (Crafty Roo Designs) by midday on Tuesday 13th September for a chance to win £20.00 worth of stamps. (Free postage to UK addresses only). All names will be popped into a hat and we will pick one out at random.

Here's what you could win.....

Cool Hey! So I guess all that is left to say is GOOD LUCK!!!!!


  1. Fabulous giveaway and a very happy birthday too xx

  2. Sounds like you've enjoyed the holiday, great prize - would love to win!