Thursday 20 April 2017

April's Monthly Make

Howdie folks!!!

Sorry I go on a bit of a ramble, so if your just here to check out Aprils' Monthly Make and dash, then scroll on down a bit, otherwise sit back and enjoy with a cuppa......

We are on our last week of school holidays here, it's been 3 weeks in total!!! Little Man broke up a week earlier than Little Lady so he went back yesterday and she goes back on Monday, I know his holidays don't really make much of a difference as he only goes to playgroup for 2 half days but for a Little Man that doesn't really talk, it's all he has asked for, for the past 2 weeks is to "go play with my friends!!" So off he went yesterday on his adventures, he was soooo excited when we picked him up so we know he loves it, though poor Mrs B might be regretting taking him on, her words were "he's been lively!"  so I high tailed it out of there as fast as possible just in case he wasn't allowed back!!!

So, today we enjoyed a lovely family day "down on't farm" it's a mixture of feeding very friendly animals, a massive park, indoor play centre and the bestest ice cream ever! We had a lovely day! But, whilst Little Man was feeding 1 lucky chicken its second bag of food, I was admiring the lovely spring flowers they have planted everywhere and suddenly remembered I haven't shared Aprils' Monthly Make with you, so here it is.....

Aprils' Monthly Make is all about card making and as it is Spring I designed a lovely Hyacinth stamp set, so please say a big hello to Heidi

I know I say this every month but we really have packed it full of goodies, not only do you get virtually an A5 stamp set worth at least £15.00, some of our new specialty papers (worth £1.99), a bag full of our new Antique White Embossing Powder (worth £3.99) and all the other materials included to make your 3 cards!!!!! 

So what can you make? Well, we give you all the materials to make 3 of the following cards, and for each of those cards you not only get the instructions to make that card but also some "Step It Up!" instructions giving you a slightly more complex card option too.

If you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website and check out our Kits section.

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