Sunday 19 February 2012

Meet the gang!

Aren't they sweet!

I know it's a little late but I have just painted a few tree decorations. I just love hand painted ceramics on my tree. I think it makes my tree so special, as each one has a story or memory attached. Some of the ceramics on my tree date back from before I was born, my auntie painted them for my grandparents and they have now been passed onto me. Others have been painted by my sister, but most have been painted by me over a number of years.


(not the greatest picture!)

.. there is a new artist in town! My little girl who's 18 months old painted this one! (I am just soooo proud!) I am hoping I can get her to paint a few more before Christmas as this one has many people offering him a new home, but this one is MINE! I can't wait to hang him on the tree, he will have the best spot!

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