Friday 14 December 2012

Dimension Stamps: Flower Powered

I can't take all the credit for this card as my little lady inspired it! She was sat painting (or more accurately covering the kitchen in paint!) and she was having such fun just sploshing the paint around, I thought I wanted to do that, so I did!

For this card I used the following Dimension Stamps sets: Flower Powered (stamp ref: 2400075a),  Sew Creative (stamp ref: 2400073a) and Grand Word Perfect 2 (stamp ref: 1803069a).

I started with the background on this card I used canvas paper and bright coloured alcohol inks (the inks do not work very well on canvas paper as they soak in straight away!). I covered the canvas paper with the alcohol inks then distressed around the edge. Next I played with acrylic paints adding them anywhere and everywhere! I also painted some bubble wrap and pressed that on!  I had great fun!

When the background was dry I stamped on the bike and butterfly. When the ink was dry I then did added some cream paint so I could stamp on the greetings. Next I stamped around the edge with the zig zag stitch (from Sew Creative). Onto the cream paint I stamped Believe, Dream, Hope, Cherish and Magical (from Grand Word Perfect 2) leaving enough space the stamp a flower between the stitching and the words.

The background was then attached to a cream piece of card that had been distressed. I then added brads to the centre of each flower and large Staples to the corners on the other side. This was then attached to an 8 x 8 inch card.

Next I stamped the butterfly onto the back of a small piece of mirricard. Then dry embossed it from the back. Once I was happy with how the embossing looked on the front of the mirricard I added alcohol inks to the butterfly. When the inks were dry I lightly rubbed the Stazon ink over the embossed image. Then I stamped Enjoy (from Grand Word Perfect 2) and the flourish (from Flower Powered) in the corner. And around the edge I stamped the straight stitch (from Sew Creative).

Next I tore a piece of pink paper then stamped the cross stitch (from Sew Creative) around the edge and distressed it. I then added the butterfly to the pink paper and added a ribbon and two hatpins. Finally this was attached to card.

I love how this card turned out and I had such good fun making it!

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