Monday 25 February 2013

Sorting Ribbons....

I decided it would be a great idea to have a go at sorting out my ribbon box/tub, as it takes up loads of space under my table and I want to use the tub for carting things backwards and forwards to the caravan.  It would also make a fab bath for little lady lady up there as she hates showers but loves mud, so washing facilities are a necessity and somehow I don't think a washing up bowl is not going to be big enough this year!
I know the weather is a little nippy at the moment but I wanted to be all ready for when the weather picks up and we can make the most out of the fabulous weather we will get this year! A girl can dream!
So all set with my little helper in tow we started to sort though a mountain of tangles and re rolled yards upon yards of ribbon. My little helper lasted all of about 15 minutes and toddled of to find something more interesting to do. I however carried on....
I might have under estimated how many ribbons I had. I have two of these beauties all made from a plastic coat hanger covered in paper (it grips the ribbons better and looks nicer!), some string, a couple of pieces of doweling and a lot of hard work.
And are the all sorted I hear you ask? NO, I still have a small bag that is so tangled up I think I am just going to cut chunks off it as and when I need it!

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