Sunday 9 August 2015

Time to celebrate!

Before I get carried away sharing our new stamps with you all I thought I would take a quick 5 minutes to celebrate Little Lady's 5th birthday and Little Mans 1st birthday.

I don't know which is more shocking Little Lady turning 5 and all the traumas that brings - I will come to that shortly! Or Little Man turning 1! Though, to be honest he has hit that walking and grunting stage so I have been told that's about as good as it gets until he is past his teenage years!

Anyway here are their cards I bet you can't guess who likes what.....

Little Lady's birthday was first she didn't want a party this year just to go bowling with "her bestest friend ever!" and go to see a film (I bet you can't guess which one!). She is definitely growing up fast the daily dilemma of what to wear and how many clips we can fit in our hair is oh so complicated!!!!

(FYI green sugar paste - YUK!!!!!!!!!! Well, that and the half vanilla half chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and apricot jam, she must have, didn't help the overall taste combination! Mary Berry would not have been impressed!)

As for Little Man is such a (so many words spring to mind!!!) character will have to do! He charges around at a 100 miles a minute crashing and bashing head first into anything and anyone that gets in his way and if it won't move or makes him fall, well he wags that finger and gives it right old telling off! But he is desperate to be able to do the things his big sister does especially blowing out his birthday candles! 

So, that is it, one crazy week full of birthdays and cake! This week we are off to the beach, zoo, movies and I am finishing the week off with a show up at Nissan on Sunday! And in between all that I will be adding some cards made with our new stamps on here too!

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