Wednesday 2 March 2016

March's Monthly Make

If feels a little weird sat here writing about the fabulous Spring stamp set we have for March when the weather we have had today has been forever changing!

(And Little Lady true to form, decided today was the day she would drag her school shorts out of the wardrobe, as "It is Spring you know mummy!" and wear them to school granted three out of the four pairs went on the too small pile but she was determined! So today in the snow she wore her shorts!!! In complete contrast Little Man has spent the day finding blankets to snuggle under! Chalk and cheese has nothing on those too!)

So, what "Springs" to mind when you think of Spring......

For me it is Tulips, big bold red Tulips all standing tall celebrating Spring! Every year I plant a few more bulbs hoping that this will be the year that I finally get a couple that come up. So, this year they will work, because I will stamp them instead....

Fabulous hey?

Sue has (as always!) come up with three different ways to use your Make It Kit.

And I have been playing with our new glass paints, which will be available on our website soon!

So if you would like to find out more about our Monthly Make then please visit our website. 

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