Sunday 5 August 2012

"broke tent mum!"

To cut a long story short, my little'un has had a tepee in her playroom for the past year, it is well used and loved, but those dread words came crying out "MUM TENT BROKE! TENT BROKE MUM!". She has said this many times before and it is generally just a pole has come loose, though this time there were tears brewing in those little eyes!

So off I went to investigate and she was right, it was broke, big time! There was no fixing it, as two of the corner bits had snapped off! You can only imagine my horror, I can't get another, what was I going to do.....

Then I had a bright idea I'll make one, how hard can it be...

Famous last words, well, it was not so easy, especially as I had decided to reuse parts of the tepee that were still in working order.

Anyway, after many hours sat at my sewing machine, here's my creation

It was meant to have a window but I gave up, and she'll never know! Never again!

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