Tuesday 13 November 2012

Meet our friends

So, I decided it was about time to pick up those painting sticks again and get on with painting the mountain of ceramics that are gathering dust in the craft room.

Little Ladies Friends

I think she means family as she has named each one (Aunt Nic = pink, Mummy = purple, Little lady = yellow/blue, Granny = brown/red, Grandad = Green, Grandpa = Blue and Daddy = black/red). That's why I love painting ceramics as each one has a unique story. Well, especially in our house!
I also managed to get these gorgeous bags painted, they are about 5inches high and going to take alot of sweets to fill them!
Whilst I was glazing these I also did Head! He looks lovely now he is glazed and Little lady has taken quite a shine to him. So much so, he has to live in her home (bedroom)!
Little lady also got to paint a couple of tree decorations.
I think the snowman head looks like the joker from Batman! And apparently the Penguin is blue because he lives were its cold! I think I am going to add little tags to them with their stories so that we never forget them!

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