Monday 19 March 2012

My Sisters Birthday

Sunday was a very busy day, it was mothers day, papercraft show at Harrogate and my sisters birthday (not sure what order they should be in!)

So here's my sisters card

Again I attacked a poor book and dug through the deep depths of my crafting stash and found things I can not remember acquiring! She loved it too and the best thing is as it is 8 x 8 it will fit perfectly in one of the Ikea box frames - so a card and gift all in one.

I also made her a bag charm out of wait for it...... bottle tops! Yep I have gone mad.

First you punch a hole in the bottle top, I used my Crop-a-dile for that then sanded the top of the bottle top to age it abit (and disguise the fact it was a beer bottle top!). Then I cut a 1 inch circle out of card then distressed it and stuck it inside, I used glossy accents. I then added some charms and filled the bottle top with the glossy accents!

Two words of caution 1. it takes for ever the dry and 2. be careful your glossy accents doesn't just flood out the hole in the bottle top and cover your desk (yes experience talking!!!)

I made 3 of those then added other bits to it and .......

She unwrapped it and put it straight on her bag - I guess that's a sign she liked it!

She too got treated to a little'un creation..

Mothers Day

Well I can finally share my mums Mothers Day card (as I didn't want to spoil the surprise!)

I am really pleased with how it has turned out, I used the Dimension Stamps Uppercase alphabet and the flourishes are from their butterfly set. Then it was just finished it off with a page out of an old book (I know you should never damage books but in the quest for great backing paper, nothing is safe!) and a dragonfly embellishment as she just loves dragonflies! And some ribbon and flowers! She just loved it!

 But not as much as her "Happy Grannies Day" card and goodie bag from my daughter!

 Very talented  - but then again I have to say that!

Sunday 4 March 2012

Not much to report...

Ok so I am not exactly keeping up with my 2012 challenge in terms of updating my blog, but I am still crafting away merrily!!!!
I have made progress on my scrapbook another page done and dusted!

I am just so pleased with how it turned out, I really have been routing through my crafty stash and finding papers and bits I never knew I had! I think my best find is the "wooden" frame and the sign posts I have used. They are from the Pooh and Friends Cricut cartridge and it is just so nice! Also I have just discovered a big pack of kraft paper I must have bought at a show and it is so nice to work with it is ideal for the wooden grungy look - I think I will be using it alot more!!!!!!!

I have also been working on a picture for near the front door it will eventually say family but my desk is never tidy enough to cut the sheet of A1 card to form the back ground, but here's a sneaky peak at how that's looking.....

(yes that's knitted wire it looks fab and creates such an unusual texture that I can't wait to try it out on a card or two!!!!)

Well most letters are done..

Finally I went to the paper crafts show at Leigh over the weekend. WOW I have been quite a few times before but this one really did blow my socks off, it was idea central!

The first comment when I got home was "spent much?" (nope I could have spent a whole lot more!) closely followed with "where's all that gonna live?" he has a point! But little lady enjoyed emptying and refilling bags and seeing what she could play with! So it provided entertainment too!

Anyhow my best buy has to be  this 

I am not sure what you would call it but I can't wait to get started on it! It is fab, I have so many ideas how to decorate it!

Right mothers day around the corner along with my sisters and husbands birthday so onto those cards first then maybe onto the thing above, that's its name thingey!