Wednesday 29 March 2017

March's Monthly Makes - Sue's Designs....

Back again, I hope you didn't all fall off your chairs with surprise! I know 2 posts in 2 days unheard off, but here you go...

Sue went to town with her makes for March so I thought I would pop a few on here.....

For this one Sue used the Poly Plate to create the background, then stamped over the top when it was dry.

Sue has again created a lovely background using the Poly Plate and then used it to create the reversed image of the flower - Fab Hey!!!!

No Poly Plate this time just a stunning card for any occasion!

This is a similar card to the purple one above, just expanding on the idea!  

For this one Sue has used the Petals from the Flower and teamed it with Mildred.

Sue has used one of my favourite techniques for this one Bleaching, what a fab effect.

This beautiful card has a lot of cutting out but wow is it worth it.

Lovely aren't they I love the cream and brown one above, the colours are fab!!!!

If you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website 

Tuesday 28 March 2017

March''s Monthly Make - Poly Plates

Wow where has this weather come from??? 

It is fabulous, we had a "free" weekend and most of our time was spent outside playing or more accurately digging in the mud finding wormies. Little Man is currently trying to convince Granny that it's ok to dig the plants up when your on the quest for wormies, She's not looking so convinced, so I have hidden myself away for a few minutes to share with you March's Monthly Make!!!!

We are so excited to about this month's make as it is a Project Month so that means something new and boy this month you are in for a treat! In May we will be launching our Poly Plates but as March was project month it would  have been rude not to try them out.....

So this month you get an A6 Poly Plate, an "Amazing" stamp set and all the instructions to get you creating amazing backgrounds with your Poly Plate....

We also show you how to reverse stamp...

And at in the end we make two fabulous cards

Oh and I nearly forgot, we have included our fabulous STUCCO Card in the kit too this stuff is amazing it eats up any medium you can throw at it and keeps the colour intensity too!!!!!

IF you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website 

 Oh and if you are wondering about the card watch this space I have loads of beautiful card/paper coming your way!!!!