Friday 27 September 2013

Ross Papercrafts

So we are off on our travels again, tomorrow we will be at 

at Doncaster Deaf Academy, Leger Way, Doncaster, (opp. Racecourse), DN2 6AY  from 10.00am till 3.00pm!

So if you are near by why not stop by and say Hi we would love to see you!

Sunday 22 September 2013

Simple Butterfly

What another crazy week I have had, everyone kept telling me I would have loads of time to get my jobs done now Little Lady is out every afternoon but, no joke I seem to have less time! 

I have also been working on some samples for Dimension Stamps which I have to get in the post early this week so watch this space..... 

Also I am working on a couple of commissioned pieces it's all very exciting, as for two of them I haven't been given much direction so I am free to play and try new things out! So hopefully once I have finished them I will be able to share them too!!!!!

Anyway, here is a card I made a while ago using rub-ons and watered down distress inks, it is quite messy (well it is when I do it) but it is great fun to do, as you don't know what it is going to look like till is dries. I saw it used on one of Tim Holtz tags and it made me dust off my box of rub-ons!

To make this card I cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than a DL card and onto the bottom of the card I filled it using birthday related rub-ons. When it was filled I then "splodged" some Distress Inks onto a glass mat and spritzed it and placed the card into it making sure all the card was covered in ink. The card was then removed from the ink and dried it (with the remaining ink I kept watering it down and placing card into it to make some backing papers!).

Next I stamped the Baby Butterfly onto some white card, cut it out and distressed it. Then I attached some wire and a couple of beads to a small safety pin to make the body and antenna of the butterfly.

Once the background card was dry I distressed around the edges, and added some lace and ribbon across the card just above the rub-ons. This was then attached to a Black DL card and I added a pink brad to each corner.

To finish off the card I added the butterfly and the safety pin body. 

Tuesday 17 September 2013

Birthday number 3...

This time it's my mums birthday!

I was so pleased with how this card turned out, I raided my stamp stash and found a set of Kaisercraft stamps I had never used (how rude!) so I HAD to used them for this card.

I love how it turned out it was the perfect card for my mum!

For this card I started by cutting a 7 inch square white piece of card and all over I stamped using a script stamp in Old Paper Distress Ink, then stamped the birdcage in the top corner and  a smaller arrangement from the same set in the bottom left (not that you can see it!) Finally I randomly stamped a flying Hummingbird.  When I was finished I distressed around the edge. To get the line effects I used the edge of my stamp pad ran it through my ink and tapped it onto the paper (some people use string around a block to get the same effect!).

Next I die cut the Tim Holtz Bell jar and pedestal. Onto the top I stamped the Poppy (mums favourite flower!) from Forever Floral (Dimension Stamps), coloured it and distressed it. The pedestal I just distressed.

I then cut a green piece of card 7 & 1/2 inch square and stamped the script around the edge again and distressed it. Next I attached the birdcages to it. Around the bottom I added some lace (Which I had distressed as white was too bright!) and some brown ribbon. In each corner I attached a brad and a bead cap. This was then attached to an 8 inch square card that had been distressed and the bar from my Mini cog corners stamp set stamped in each corner to make a frame.

To finish off the card I added the die cuts and some hat pins. Then added Glossy Accents to the poppies.

And here's a look at the inside......

(I always forget to take a picture of the insides!)

Sunday 15 September 2013

Stockport Handmade Market

The car is packed and I am off on my travels again - this time we will be at ..........

So if you are in Stockport today please stop by and say Hi!

Saturday 14 September 2013

Birthday Two

And another birthday card!

This card is for my Father-in-Law. I am always looking for fabulous quotes and the Dr Suess one I used on this card is just perfect

"Today you are you, 
That is truer than true.
There is no one alive 
who is 
Youer than you!"

The Tim Holtz Vintage type writer is a die I got for my birthday as a challenge from my sister, this is the first time I have used it but I have to say I love it! Cheers sis!

For the background of the card I stamped Crafty Jack in two shades of ink filling the card, then in two opposite corners I stamped the Large Cog Corner and distressed it until I was happy.

Next I  die cut the Tim Holtz Vintage Typewriter twice once in black and the second one out of black card that I had washed with the silver Distress Stain. I also die cut the Tim Holtz Steampunk edge and added UTEE to it. Finally I die cut one of the Tim Holtz tattered banners but it was far to long for the card so I turned it around on the die and cut it to the length I needed. Onto it I stamped "Happy Birthday" and distressed it.

Then I typed out the quote on the "puter" and trimmed it down to fit the gap and distressed it. 

To make up the card I attached some fabric tape and string around the bottom of the background card. Then down the left hand side I added the Steampunk edge and trimmed it to fit. Next I added the quote to the type writer and stuck that to the background card using 3d glue, then I sat and added ALL the keys (I don't do fiddly so this was really hard for me, lol!). I then added the banner and attached it with two brads. The background card was then attached to an A5 Kraft card that I had added Frantage embossing powder around the edge off.

I wasn't quite pleased with the finished result so I quickly stamped, cut out, distressed, embossed and re-distressed the Baby Dragonfly. I added it to the card and it was perfect.

The Crafty Roo Designs stamps I used for this project are:
If you like our stamps why not go and check them out on our website 

Thursday 12 September 2013


September sees the start of my biggest run on birthdays, each card being equally as important as the last!

This card was made for my Mother-in-Law it was her birthday last week but I wanted to make sure it had arrived before I popped it on here as I didn't want to spoil the surprise!

To make this card:

I started by cutting a piece of cream card 2cm smaller than an A5 card. I stamped a stack of hats in the left corner, then next to them I stamped Mildred. I then added the Fairy Wings.

Next I created a mask for the piece of card that left a torn boarder. Around the edge I stamped a script stamp and removed the mask. I then distressed the whole piece of card lightly then re-added the mask to add the darker distressing. To colour in the hats I used Distress Inks and a water brush and for Mildred I used a mask and Distress Ink.

Onto spare cream card I stamped Mildred again, over stamped her with a script stamp and cut out her body. This was then lightly distressed and covered in UTEE. (I try to remove as much UTEE as possible before heating to give a crackled effect!) then I distressed it again using blue Distress Ink to fill in the gaps in the UTEE. 

Onto more spare cream card I stamped the Baby Butterfly and cut out the wings.

Next I took some parcel string  and coloured it to match the card by "splodging" Distress Inks onto a glass mat, spritzing it, then pressing the string into the colour until I was happy with it, I then used my heat gun and kitchen roll to dry it off.

Whilst the string was drying (it took ages, think I got carried away!) I worked on the base card. To do this I made a 14.5cm square cream card and scored the front again at 7cm to create the easel. Onto the 7cm flap I stamped the script stamp around the edge and I also stamped it in the inside of the card. Both the inside and the 7cm flap were distressed. Across the bottom of the inside of the base card I added the Steampunk edge from Tim Holtz which I had coloured using Distress Stains and then covered in UTEE. Just above this I added some paper ribbon, fabric tape and finally the sentiment.

To make up the card I wrapped the string around the base of the stamped images, added Mildred's body, baby butterfly and some die cut leaves and flowers (Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers and leaves). This was then matted onto a piece of kraft card which I had added Frantage embossing powder around the edge and then attached to the card. Once everything was attached to the card I added Crackle Paint to the Butterfly's wings.

I am really pleased with how this card turned out it took a little longer than planned but I think it was worth it. 

The stamps I used for this project are:

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Monday 9 September 2013


It is not often I write anything personal on here, but today is one of those days where my crazy little patch of this great big world gets changed, not in either a good or bad way it just changes.....

Three years and one month and 10 whole days ago my Little Lady arrived!

And since then we have been constant companions, we have good and not so good moments, she knows exactly how to make me laugh, cry and want to tear my hair out all at the same time. But in the same way, every day she amazes me, she amazes me with her compassion, her strength and more amazingly her wisdom. In that giant noodle of hers is a very mature, wise, grown up girl, she is far older than her 3 years! Over the past 3 years it is very rare that we are apart for any length of time and even "rarer" is it, that in those moments apart is she not with either my hubby or my mum.

But today my Little Lady left the house dressed like this.....

(A grand occasion and she decides its a no photo day!!!!)

It is a moment that she has wanted and has pestered for since Christmas and it is exactly what she needs, she is ready to go a "Learb" things, if you ask her about school (you can't call it Nursery she goes mad!) she will tell you "School will be a little bit fun, and a lot of super fun!", so how can I not be happy for her!

Today marks a new chapter in our little world, does having the house Little Lady free for 3 hours a day feel weird you bet-cha! Does the quietness of not being pestered every 2 seconds, make me realise someone else is answering the "weird only Little Lady could ask" questions, yep. And how my little 2 foot shadow now has a little patch of world to call hers away from mine, scare the living ### (well you get the picture!) It sure do!  

So today I have to learn from my Little Lady, pull up my big girl pants and be super brave, everything "will be fine" (her favorite saying) and this new chapter has begun!  

Roll on home time!!!!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Ross Papercrafts

The car is all packed, the sat nav charging so it can only mean one thing

This Sunday we are at the Sports Arena @ the KC Stadium, Hull from 10.00am till 3.00pm. 

So, if you are in the area please pop by and hi it would be great to meet you!

Monday 2 September 2013

Frosty Butterfly

Now, I don't want to be saying the "C" word but this card definitely has that frosty feeling to it! Makes me think I should be giving a thought to those "C" cards for this year lol!

To make this card I started by cutting a piece of pale blue paper into a 7 & 1/2 inch square and in the centre drew around a CD with a pencil. Around the circle I stamped the cog arrangement from Large Cog Corners. Then in each corner I stamped the Mini Cog Corner. Then in the centre I stamped  the postage mark from Postage Sentiments. Around the edge I then used clear ink and Frantage Embossing Enamel. This was then mounted onto a dark pearl paper and a brad added to each corner. Finally it was attached to an 8 inch square card.

Next I stamped a wing from the Build Your Own Butterfly twice, then distressed it and cover it in Stardust Embossing powder and added it to the card. For the Butterflies body I used a safety pin with some wire attached for antenna.

To finish of the card I stamped " Thinking of you" from the Postage sentiments and stuck this into a bottle top and attached it to the card.

If you like our stamps why not go and check them out on our website

Sunday 1 September 2013

Dragonfly games

This card always makes me laugh when I look at it, as, whilst I was making it Little Lady asked me why the "agonflees" (dragonflies) were playing catch! It made me chuckle then and it still tickles me now!

Anyway, here's how to make a card with the Dragonflies playing catch on it.

I started by cutting a 7 & 1/2 inch square piece of white card. In the bottom left corner I stamped a couple of poppy heads from the Poppy Cogs stamp set. I then masked these off.

Next I stamped Baby Dragonfly in blue and then stamped it again to get a fainter image. I repeated this with green ink.

In the top right corner I stamped the Postage marks and Sentiment from the Postage Sentiments stamp set.

Using a pale Distress Ink I then distressed the whole piece of card then using a much darker brown ink I distressed around the edge.

Around the edge of the paper I then stamped the thick border from Large Cog Corner. This was then mounted on to a larger piece of green card.

Across the bottom left corner I added some lace, ribbon, fabric flowers, a brad and some hat pins. In each corner I also added a large brad. This was then attached to a burgundy 8 inch square card.

To finish off the card I added some Glossy Accents to the sentiment to make it stand out.

If you like our stamps why not go and check them out on our website