Sunday 27 January 2013

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my Wedding Anniversary, we don't normally do gifts or cards but this year we have been crazy busy, so I decided I would spare a quick 10 minutes and make him a card.

For this card I used the Dimension Stamps:
  • Plain Lowercase Alphabet (ref: 1801014A)
  • Double Stitch from Sew creative (ref:   2400073a)
And the arrows I have had for years and never used, whoops!

Saturday 26 January 2013

Nina Crafts: Musical Moments

This easel card is made using Musical Moments stamp set from Nina Crafts (ref: NC005) and an old CD!

First I stamped some of the music notes from the stamp set onto an old CD using Stazon ink and put it to one side to dry.
Next I cut a 14cm square white based card and scored and folded the front to make my easel. Around the very edge of the flap I stamped random notes again. On the flat inside I stamped three rows of the music, one line across the top, bottom and one about 6cm up. I then distressed the stamped areas.
Next I cut a piece of Kraft card 13.5cm square and a white piece of card 13cm square. Onto the Kraft card I stamped notes around the edge. Onto the white piece of card I stamped the piano keys, making sure they were close to the edges and in any free spaces I stamped the notes. Once I had distressed both pieces I attached the white card the Kraft card and added a photo holder and brad in two opposite corners. I then attached the CD (I used Glossy Accents) and added Glossy Accents to any of the piano keys I could still see, then left it to dry.
Onto more white card I stamped "Music" in black ink then ripped long the top and bottom of the image leaving a little boarder. These were also distressed and Glossy Accents was added to the M of "Music".
Next I made the "stand" for my easel card by stamping the saying "You are what you listen to..."  then masking it off and stamping the piano keys onto white card. I cut it out so that there was a slight boarder top and bottom. I then stamped a note in the two empty corners. Next I cut a piece of Kraft card to matt this onto (making sure it was the length as the piece of white card). Next I stamped notes along the to long edges of the Kraft card. Both of these pieces of card were then distressed and matted together. Then I added Glossy Accents  to the piano keys, then they were left on one side to dry.
To finish the card I attached strip of card saying "Music" across the CD at an angle and attached it using brads, cutting off any excess card. I then attached this to the folded part of the base card. On the inside of the card I attached the "stand " using foam tape about 1cm up from the bottom.

Friday 25 January 2013

Nina Craft: Posie Passion and Window of Waves

This card was made using stamps from two of the new stamp sets out from Nina Crafts, they are callled Posie Passion (ref: NC004) and Window of Waves (ref: NC003).

To make this card I started by stamping the large flower from Posie Passion twice onto black patterned paper and the small one once onto the patterned paper and once onto pink card and cut them all out. The black patterned flowers I then scrunched up and distressed.
Onto the pink one I stamped the end of the swirl from Window of waves onto two petals on one side then onto the other two petals on the other side, then distressed both sides. Next I found a couple of beads to make a body and head for my butterfly a couple of eye pins (for antenna). I threaded the beads onto the eye pins and secured with Glossy Accents, then left it to dry.

To make the background I cut a piece of cream pearlescent card, then stamped distress ink all over my acrylic block and spritz it, then stamped it onto the card twice, and left it to dry (I also used a heat gun as it was quite wet!)
Next I die cut "Friends" (Tim Holtz die) and trimed it down to fit on an A4 card. I then cut some kraft card slighlty larger to matt it onto. I then distressed the "Friends" in pink and the outer edge in brown inks. Around the edges of both pieces of card I drew a wiggly outline. And attached the Friends onto the kraft card.
Then onto background I drew wiggly lines arounds where I had stamped the ink. Then in the bottom corner I stamped the swirl and in the two opposite corners I stamped the dots.  This was then distressed and added to a larger piece of kraft card, which had been distressed and I had drawn around.

To finish off the card I took an A4 cream pearlescent card, distressed the edges lightly then attached the background. Then twords the top I attached "Friends" so that i could add the flower in the bottom corner over the swirl and the butterfly on the opposite top corner. For the center of the flower I used a large bead.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

Nina Craft: Ribbons and Twirls

My little lady is hooked on dancing at the moment though for some reason instead of calling herself a ballerina she's a "bangerina", it's the small things hey! It did make me smile making this card.
This card was made using the Ribbons and Twirls stamp set (ref: NC002) from Nina Crafts.

I started by die cutting the Bell Jar with Pedestal (Tim Holtz Alterations) out of cream and Kraft card. Onto the bell jar I stamped the ballet shoes in pink distress ink and using just a water brush dragged the colour to colour them in. I then left it on one side to dry.
Next I took a 14cm square card and embossed it with small dots, then distressed it. I then cut a piece of Kraft card smaller and distressed that too. Finally I cut a smaller piece of pink dotted paper and stamped the ribbon into the two opposite corners and the saying " Ribbons and Twirls for Beautiful Girls" in the other two. I coloured in the ribbons just using water again and distressed around the edges.
To finish this card off I attached the pink dotty paper to the kraft card, then added two brads and attached it then onto the white card. I then distressed the bell jar and pedestal. Next I attach a small piece of ribbon around the top of the bell jar, this was then attached to the card and I added some stickles down one side. I then attached the pedestal and coated it in crackle paint!

Monday 21 January 2013

Nina Crafts: Boys Toys

Here is another card made using another new set from Nina Crafts, this one is called Boys Toys (ref: NC007).
This card was so quick to make but I love how it turned out. Sorry about the picture!

All I did was stamp the games controller onto kraft card and ripped the card around it. Then cut a black piece of card to mount it onto, in the corners I painted some bubble wrap with an green/gray paint and pressed it onto the card.
Next I took a 14cm square red card and in the two opposite corners, I painted the same piece of bubble wrap with black paint and pressed it onto the card and lightly onto two corners of the stamped image.
Then I inked the edge of my stamping block and pressed it randomly over the image and red card, to add a little more texture.
I then distressed around the red card in black ink and the black card and kraft card in red ink. To the black card I added some black and red ribbon using staples, then attached the stamped image with staples as well. This was then attached to the front of the card.
I was amazed by the texture you can create by using the edge of your stamping block, I am sure I will be doing this alot, especially on blokes cards! 

Sunday 20 January 2013

Nina Crafts: Girly Gadgets and Posie Passion

Dimension Stamps launched a new range of stamps last Friday called Nina Crafts and I got to have a play with them!
This photo album/brag book is small and light weight so ideal for carrying around with you. It is designed so that the photos can be slipped in and out without the need for glue or brads, so no excuses for not having up to date photos to hand!

To make it I used the following stamp sets: Girly Gadgets (ref: NC001) and Posie Passion (ref: NC004) from Nina Crafts.

I started by cutting seven pieces of white card 5 inches by 7 inches (to hold 4x6 inch photos). Onto one I randomly stamped the large flower from Posie Passion all over. On the other six and on the back of three, I stamped two flowers on each towards the centre of the piece of card.

Next I made a mask by stamping the flower onto a sticky note and cutting out a petal (I needed a couple of these as when stamping the words the ink starting to come through.) Then in alternate petals I stamped "Pout" and "Smile" from the Girly Gadgets set on all of the stamped flowers.

On the piece of card I had stamped all over and one of the single sided other pieces of card, I masked of the flowers and distressed it to make the front and back pages. Onto each of these pieces I stuck a piece of grungeboard then onto that I stuck the other two single sided pieces.
Then I cut a small square of white card and stamped and embossed the camera onto, then masked it off and stamped the large flower again, adding the words as before. Next I stamped "Memories" in the corners. I then drew a black line around the edges and distressed up to it. I added a flower brad to each corner and attached it to the front of the album.

To make the inside pages I cut three pieces of light weight pink card 5 inches by 3 inches, scored at 1.5 inch. And cut two pieces 5 inches by 1.5 inches. Then in blue lightweight card I cut three pieces 5 inches by 2 inches, scored at 1 inch. And cut two pieces 5 inches by 1 inch.
Next onto the scored pieces of pink I stamped "Memories" on the two edges facing away from the fold at the top on one side and at the bottom on the other. On the other two pieces of pink I stamped "Memories" again facing out, once on each piece. I repeated this for the blue pieces but stamped "Memories" facing the fold line.
Once that was all done I took the front page and on the inside I stuck the unfolded blue piece to the outside edge with "Memories" at the bottom facing out. And the unfolded pink piece to the inside edge, so that the "Memories" was at the top facing out. When gluing the strips on only add glue to the two shortest sides and along the side that will be on the edge of the book. (this makes the pocket to put the photo into). This needs to be repeated for the back page too.
Then take one of the stamped white cards and on one end glue a blue strip and on the other a pink strip, for these I only glued along the two shortest sides. Then repeat this for the final two pages.
Finally stack it up so that all the pink edges are on one side and all the blue on the other, and bind it. I used a Cinch but book rings would work just as well.
It really is simple to do and you can add as many pages as you want!

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Dimension Stamps: Francais Couture

This card was made using the Francais Couture Stamp set (ref: 2400074a) from Dimension Stamps.

This card is really quick to do!
All I did was stamp the corset onto acetate in black Stazon, cut the acetate down to size and then on the back coloured it in using glitter. And left it to dry.

Next I took a A5 card and folded the front back on itself. On the front panel I created a background using the words stamp from the stamp set and around the edge I used the double stitch stamp (from Sew Creative stamp ref: 2400073a), and distressed it lightly.
On the inside of the card I stamped a bow in the top corners and "Have a Glamorous Birthday" then masked them off and stamped the double stitch around the edge and distressed it lightly. I then used Glossy Accents on the two bows.
Whilst the bows were drying I cut a piece of white card the same size as the acetate, then stamped around the edges using the double stitch and distressed it lightly. Then I cut a black piece of card to mount the white card onto.
When everything is dry attach the acetate to the white card using brads then attach it to the black card and attach it to the front of the card.
To finish off I attached a black bow to the base of corset. 

Friday 11 January 2013

12 tags: January

This year I have decided to join in with the Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2013, for more information and to view Tim's January tag please visit his blog.
It was alot of fun to do and I can't wait to see what February's looks like!

The stamps I have used are from Dimension Stamps:
  • Pocket watch Large ref: 1405001A.
  • The frames and "Time" are from Word Perfect ref: 1803160a , Grand Word Perfect ref: 1803161a and  Grand Word Perfect 2 ref: 1803069a.
  • And finally "January" that is stamped onto the ribbon is from Forever Floral ref: 2400061a.
The quote is another Dr Seuss one
"How did it get so late so soon?
It's night before its afternoon.
December is here before it's June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late to soon?"

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Gift Card Holder

This gift card holder was so quick and easy to make, but turned out rather well I think.

To make this I used two stamps from Dimension Stamps Double stitch from Sew Creative (ref:2400073a)  and the sentiment "A Gift For You!". I also used the Tim Holtz Mini Paper Rosettes die.

All I did was take a piece of kraft card and along the longest side scored at 10 and 20cm (or use the DL score lines). I then cut 5cm off one end to create the pocket. Still using kraft card I cut two long 5cm wide strips and stuck them together. Along the two long edges I stamped the double stitch. Next I scored folded it.

Then using white/cream card  I cut a strip 7cm wide for on the front and stuck this to the card. Then using the double stitch stamp I stamped along the edges of the card and also along the long edges of the white/cream card. Next I added the folded kraft card using strong glue.

To finish the front off I punched two small holes on either end of the folded paper and threaded string through it. I then die cut the larger paper rosette and attached it to the card.

For the inside of the card I cut a piece of white/cream card  and stamped the double stitch around the edge and also around the pocket "flap". I attached the white/cream card to the inside of the card and the secured the two edges of the flap with strong glue.

Now the perfect holder for a fabulous gift!

Sunday 6 January 2013

Fabulous Christmas cards

Whilst taking down out decorations and cards I decided to take a picture of all the handmade cards and share them with you as they are just so lovely.

Saturday 5 January 2013

More Christmas makes

Here's a couple of pressies I made for my Sister!

The heart in this is actually a photo frame!

This isn't the greatest picture, sorry! This watch was made to go in her cracker, I don't think she has taken it off since she got it!

Friday 4 January 2013

Little Artist

I have always tried to make presents for people whether it be Christmas, Birthday's, Mother/Fathers day, you name it! It is something that my mum has always encouraged us to do when we were little, and my Little Lady appears to have the same idea!
So this year when she said she wanted to make a present for everybody I asked her what she wanted to make and she answered "Me paint them picture!" So who was I to stand in her way!
All her paintings are painted in Acrylic onto a stretched canvas, she told me what to draw for her to paint and she merrily painted them!

You can't really see, but this bee is furry and she pressed on so hard the bristles from the paint brush started to fall out!

Christmas Ceramics

Here's a couple more Christmas Ceramics I painted and gave as presents this year.

I was so nervous about painting these as I really wasn't sure how they would turn out, but once they were done I was really pleased with them!
And finally another gift bag!

Thursday 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is 2013 already were does the time go!
So,before 2013's crafting gets underway, I wanted to share with you a couple more cards I made for people this Christmas.


I just love the sentiment on these card
"Maybe Christmas," he thought "doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas...........
perhaps.. means a little bit more." - Dr Seuss

For this card I had a play with bubble wrap and acrylic paint!