Monday 27 August 2012

Dimension Stamps - August Project Club

Dimension stamps run a monthly project club, you get a set of stamps, a newsletter, an ideas sheet and all the stuff (minus glue and ink) to make one of the ideas for £10, to join the club visit the Dimension Stamps website!

Augusts set was called Teenage Dream (stamp ref: 2300060a) and I just had to have a play with them.

Door Hanger

What teenage boys room couldn't be complete without a "Do not disturb" sign?


To make this all I did was cut out two door hanger (and it's shadow) on the Cricut. To make the centre pieces I cut a strip to fit inside the door hangers in white.

On the front I stamped the games controller at the top and headphones at the bottom, and coloured them in. I then cut a burst shape (and it's shadow) out on the Cricut in green. One this I stamped NOT using Krystal tips upper and lower alpha stamp set (ref: 2400012A). I then underlined this and highlighted some of the sticky out bits in black pen. This was then stuck to the white card so that Do and Disturb could be fitted around it. Next still using the Krystal tips I stamped Do and Disturb. (And a finger print, tho that wasn't part of the plan!). I lightly distressed the edges, I then glued this to one side of the door hanger and using glossy accents I filled in the burst.

On the back I just used masks to fill in the white card with the games controller, headphones and  laptop. Then coloured it all in and lightly distressed the edges. I cut the name out on the cricut in black and stuck it on, and finally added card candi in the corners.

Once the glossy accents was dry I stuck the back on!

Very quick and simple to do!

Gift Card

I am always stuck what to buy my friends daughter and always end up giving her a gift voucher for somewhere. So I decided I wanted to come up with an idea of making the voucher part of the card ....

This card is basically a 5inch square card with an extra flap for the gift card. I took two sheets of pink card, one slightly lighter than the other and cut then down so they were 5 inches wide (on the shortest side!) Then taking the piece of card for the front and back (in my case the darker piece). Along the length I scored it as if it was going to be an A4 gate fold and then again 0.5 inch after that. From the second score line I measured 5 inches and cut it. For the flap I took the other piece of card and again along the length scored it, as if it was an A5 gate fold and then again 0.5 inch after that. From the second score line I measured 5 inches and cut it. I then stuck the card together.

To make the Gift card envelope I used a piece of 12 x 12 patterned paper, cut a strip 4.25 inches wide. Then scored along the length at 2.75 and 6.25 inches then trimmed it so it is 9 inches long. I took the corners of the flap and on the inside flap I removed a section so that the card could be taken out easier. I used strong tape on the edges to form the envelope, added an edge of pink to the flap and a brad to keep the envelope fastened. 
To decorate the front of the card I cut out a circle and stamped the straighteners, masked them then stamped the phone and coloured these in. Around the edge I stamped Birthday Wishes in pink from the Grand Word Perfect stamp set (ref: 1803161a), distressed it and used glossy accents to highlight the phone and straighteners. I used the remaining pale pink card and patterned paper to create a backing, added flowers and charms to complete the front. I added the stamped image once dry.

 On the inside front flap I again used the pale pink and patterned paper leftovers to create a backing. Onto white ribbon I stamped Hugs and Kisses from the Grand Word Perfect set. Added the ribbons across the corners and finished off with some matching flowers. On the back of the gift card flap I stamped the words from the stamp set all over it and distressed the edges. On the inside on the gift card flap I stamped the straighteners around the edge, coloured them in and distressed the edges.

I then stamped the phone and straighteners, coloured these and cut them out I then added them to the outside of the gift card flap. To finish of this flap I added the ribbon, making sure the ends would be behind the gift card envelope on the other side.

On the other side I added the gift envelope. I stamped With Love onto a speech bubble and attached that to the envelope. I also added a ribbon and a bow to the flap.
 For the back of the card (greetings bit).  I again used some of the pale pink and patterned paper to create the background. I then cut a small square of  white card and stamped in pink Love & Best Wishes then distressed it. Onto shrink plastic I stamped the phone and straighteners, coloured these in and heated them. I added these and a couple of brads to the greeting to finish it off. All done!

Tuesday 21 August 2012

Dimension Stamps: A Touch of ....Winter

For these cards I used A Touch of ... Winter stamp set (ref: 0701086a). These stamps from Dimension Stamps are just beautiful and have so much detail, that they are a pleasure to work with.
This first card uses the Violet stamp (it can be purchased separately stamp ref: 0701083a). I started by creating the background, by stamping "Happy Birthday" in the bottom right hand corner and tore a mask for it. Then I stamped the Violet randomly in brown ink. It was trimmed to be 7 1/2 inch square and distressed, I then cut a blue backing for it. I then wet a square piece of card that would fit the image on (the paper needs to be wetter than damp, but not dripping!) I then coloured in my stamp using Whispers pens. I then stamped the image. When you stamp the ink runs and that gives the impression that the image is coloured in. Wait for it to dry! When dry stamp the image again over the coloured image in brown ink, and distress the edges. I then found two paper flowers a blue and a white one and stamped the image onto both of them.

To finish the card I wrapped string around the backing card and fixed it to and 8 x 8 inch square card. I cut a backing for the image in both the blue and brown card and fixed them at angles in the top left corner. Finally I added the flowers and a button.


This photo definitely doesn't do this card any favours! But anyway here's how I made it.

Using the Carnation stamp (this too can be purchased separately stamp ref: 0701079a) I stamped around the edge of an A4 Card. I distressed around the edge of the card then coloured them in using distress inks and a water brush.

Next I stamped the Carnation on the back of some silver card/mirror card. Using different sized embossing tools I embossed the image (on the back!). Once I was happy with the embossing on the shinning side I used my alcohol inks to give it some colour, I wasn't very neat and using rubbed the inks over the embossed areas.

Once I was happy with it I stamped "Happy Birthday" in Stazon ink onto the silver card. And backed it in black card.

When everything was dry I attached the embossed image to the card and added a ribbon.

Tuesday 14 August 2012

Dimension Stamps: A Christmas Star

Dimension Stamps recently launched their new Christmas stamp set A Christmas Star (ref:2400069a) It's a beautiful set that really was fun to work with. Here's a couple of my ideas...

Paisley Passion

This card is really easy to make (once I learnt how to subtract one number from another!) All I did was stamp the paisley stamp in stripes in blue ink on white card. Then trimmed it down so it was 7 1/2 inch square. (Now here's where I got confused, tho that could have something to do with a little lady running around shouting 1, 2, 3, 9!). Next I gutted the card so that the piece was just over 5 1/2 inches, then trimmed it to be 5 1/2 inch square, as, I am not very neat with a craft knife! I did this again so the centre piece measured 3 1/2 inch square. I distressed the edges. Onto velum I stamped one of the greetings from Word Perfect at Christmas Time (stamp ref: 1803063a.) in blue Stazon and  in trimmed it to fit the 3 1/2 inch square. Next I cut three squares in blue card in the following sizes 7 3/4, 5 3/4 and 3 3/4.

To make up the card, I took a 8 x 8 inch square card distressed the edge and layered up the card. To attach the velum greeting I used brads and upturned bead caps. To finish off I added some ribbons and beads.

Oh Christmas Tree.....

To make this tree I cut an 11 inch circle, cut it in half and glued down one edge. I then decoupaged eight of the large poinsettia and two of the small. I started by gluing five of the large poinsettias around the base of the one to form the bottom tier, the next layer was made from the remaining three large flowers and finally the two small flowers created the top tier. To finish off I add a small gold bow between each of the flowers. I want to try to make it in black and white next as I think it will look so stunning!

All recycled

I am not quite sure what to call this, all I knew is I wanted to try to make a decoration out of recycled items. To make this I stamped the large poinsettia in silver onto white card, then I took an old CD and positioned it so that the flower hung over the left hand side, and cut it out. I then stamped a greeting from Word Perfect at Christmas Time (stamp ref: 1803063a.) to the right hand side of the flower and filled in any space I had left with the swirls from the large poinsettia. I then decoupaged the flower using black for the leaves and white for the petals, then lightly distressed them and coated them in crackle paint.  Then I glued the CD to the card. Next I distressed three dollies and positioned and glued them to the back of the CD. (So that the white card is covered on the back.)

To make the back I cut out a circle the size of the CD and stamped on the same greeting as on the front and added swirls. I stamped and decoupaged the small flower again in black and white. I then found some ribbons in matching colours added an embellishment and hat pins. This was all glued to the CD. Using a crop-a-dile I added an eyelet so I could hang it. To create the "hanger" I recycled some old key rings and jewelry.

Tuesday 7 August 2012

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

I can hardly believe it but my little girl has turned two! Where does the time go? Her Birthday was celebrated with a present opening ceremony, followed by a day at the Zoo! What more could a little lady want!

So Happy Birthday Misses Mop!!

She just loves sheep and ducks so they had to feature on her card. For this card I used my cricut, Dimension Stamps Krystal tips stamps for the bunting and distress inks. She loved it, it is not allowed on the shelf with the others it is where she can reach it and tell you stories about it.

No Birthday would be complete without a cake, here's my attempt...

It's a duck or at least that's what it's meant to be!!! Rosie cut out all the flowers herself  - she did a far better job than I did! Lol!

She didn't however want to blow out her candles, better luck next year!

Sunday 5 August 2012

"broke tent mum!"

To cut a long story short, my little'un has had a tepee in her playroom for the past year, it is well used and loved, but those dread words came crying out "MUM TENT BROKE! TENT BROKE MUM!". She has said this many times before and it is generally just a pole has come loose, though this time there were tears brewing in those little eyes!

So off I went to investigate and she was right, it was broke, big time! There was no fixing it, as two of the corner bits had snapped off! You can only imagine my horror, I can't get another, what was I going to do.....

Then I had a bright idea I'll make one, how hard can it be...

Famous last words, well, it was not so easy, especially as I had decided to reuse parts of the tepee that were still in working order.

Anyway, after many hours sat at my sewing machine, here's my creation

It was meant to have a window but I gave up, and she'll never know! Never again!