Monday 3 July 2017


Wow, what a wonderful weekend!

We got to meet so many lovely people at the Sincerely Yours Show@ the Wirral on Sunday, it was lovely to catch up and chat to sooo many of you! 

The even better news was Mr Roo was back, but on limited duties, which meant I got to lift and shift everything - I have the bruises to prove it! But if that wasn't enough Little Lady and Crafty Nic got to join the party too and we had a lovely day crafting and creating together and chatting about what we were up to!

The three of us spent the whole day working on ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) boy did we make some beauties and more importantly boy did we have fun!

But before I share a couple of our makes, lets have a little chat about ATC's for those of you who don't know ATC's have been around forever in fact they date back to times when people had their portraits painted and Artists would us them as a sample of their work. 

There are a couple of rules which are: a) all ATCs must measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches & b) ATC's are Traded, Swapped, Gifted BUT never sold! And to me that is their beauty, they are a way to share, create and inspire others.

So here's a little inspiration from Little Lady, Nic and I......

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Our wagon's lost a wheel.....

So, where do I begin? 

These last few weeks have been "growing weeks"! As most of you know we are always up to something or off somewhere, as a family we never stop. So, when a wheel falls off our wagon or in this case Mr Roo decided he needed a stay at "La Hotel Hospital" it really does knock us off track! Don't panic Mr Roo will be fine, in about 8-10 weeks time!!!! Oh and a big Thank You to everyone who has messaged/emailed/asked how he is doing it is so lovely of you all!

But, it gets you thinking about how much we all do. And well as much as I don't want to, I have to admit Mr Roo does do his fair share of the graft! He lifts and shifts everything, makes our stamps, helps at school, does more than his fair share of the dance/school run, and probably most importantly he helps look after our little people, our little people who adore him!

So, I have to admit I can' wait for him to get better, but in the meantime I will still attend everything we have booked in the diary, BUT, it will just be me (and anyone else I can rope in to help!).

So here is the perfect journal page for the past few weeks....

Friday 21 April 2017

New Mini Makes

Evening all, I am just about to start working on some new samples, well is it really working more playing lol!!! But before I do I thought I would share our two new Mini Makes.

I have been struggling to keep these lovelies in stock every time I have come to load them onto our website, we visit a show a POW all the stock has gone! I can't complain though, as that's a good sign you are liking them, so here goes we have stock and no show for 2 weeks - my fingers are crossed lol!!!!!

So first up we have Mini Make No 8, which is a kit to make this little lovely using one of our 8 inch frames which is included....

As it's a Mini Make the stamps used are not included but everything else is including the Texture Paste, stencils, canvas paper, etc. Oh and don't panic you are safe the gruesome twosome aren't included just a template to add your own photo's!!!!

And then there is Mini Make No9....

In this Mini Make you get a Tote canvas bag, 5 x 3.5ml tubs of Fabric Paint, fabric, templates, embellishments, the works! Again the stamps I have used aren't include, but this kit is really about getting to grips with working with Fabric Paints and unleashing your inner fabric designer!!!

Both of these are currently available on our website, if you would like more information then please hop across and check out our Mini Makes.

Now off to work.....

Thursday 20 April 2017

April's Monthly Make

Howdie folks!!!

Sorry I go on a bit of a ramble, so if your just here to check out Aprils' Monthly Make and dash, then scroll on down a bit, otherwise sit back and enjoy with a cuppa......

We are on our last week of school holidays here, it's been 3 weeks in total!!! Little Man broke up a week earlier than Little Lady so he went back yesterday and she goes back on Monday, I know his holidays don't really make much of a difference as he only goes to playgroup for 2 half days but for a Little Man that doesn't really talk, it's all he has asked for, for the past 2 weeks is to "go play with my friends!!" So off he went yesterday on his adventures, he was soooo excited when we picked him up so we know he loves it, though poor Mrs B might be regretting taking him on, her words were "he's been lively!"  so I high tailed it out of there as fast as possible just in case he wasn't allowed back!!!

So, today we enjoyed a lovely family day "down on't farm" it's a mixture of feeding very friendly animals, a massive park, indoor play centre and the bestest ice cream ever! We had a lovely day! But, whilst Little Man was feeding 1 lucky chicken its second bag of food, I was admiring the lovely spring flowers they have planted everywhere and suddenly remembered I haven't shared Aprils' Monthly Make with you, so here it is.....

Aprils' Monthly Make is all about card making and as it is Spring I designed a lovely Hyacinth stamp set, so please say a big hello to Heidi

I know I say this every month but we really have packed it full of goodies, not only do you get virtually an A5 stamp set worth at least £15.00, some of our new specialty papers (worth £1.99), a bag full of our new Antique White Embossing Powder (worth £3.99) and all the other materials included to make your 3 cards!!!!! 

So what can you make? Well, we give you all the materials to make 3 of the following cards, and for each of those cards you not only get the instructions to make that card but also some "Step It Up!" instructions giving you a slightly more complex card option too.

If you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website and check out our Kits section.

Wednesday 29 March 2017

March's Monthly Makes - Sue's Designs....

Back again, I hope you didn't all fall off your chairs with surprise! I know 2 posts in 2 days unheard off, but here you go...

Sue went to town with her makes for March so I thought I would pop a few on here.....

For this one Sue used the Poly Plate to create the background, then stamped over the top when it was dry.

Sue has again created a lovely background using the Poly Plate and then used it to create the reversed image of the flower - Fab Hey!!!!

No Poly Plate this time just a stunning card for any occasion!

This is a similar card to the purple one above, just expanding on the idea!  

For this one Sue has used the Petals from the Flower and teamed it with Mildred.

Sue has used one of my favourite techniques for this one Bleaching, what a fab effect.

This beautiful card has a lot of cutting out but wow is it worth it.

Lovely aren't they I love the cream and brown one above, the colours are fab!!!!

If you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website 

Tuesday 28 March 2017

March''s Monthly Make - Poly Plates

Wow where has this weather come from??? 

It is fabulous, we had a "free" weekend and most of our time was spent outside playing or more accurately digging in the mud finding wormies. Little Man is currently trying to convince Granny that it's ok to dig the plants up when your on the quest for wormies, She's not looking so convinced, so I have hidden myself away for a few minutes to share with you March's Monthly Make!!!!

We are so excited to about this month's make as it is a Project Month so that means something new and boy this month you are in for a treat! In May we will be launching our Poly Plates but as March was project month it would  have been rude not to try them out.....

So this month you get an A6 Poly Plate, an "Amazing" stamp set and all the instructions to get you creating amazing backgrounds with your Poly Plate....

We also show you how to reverse stamp...

And at in the end we make two fabulous cards

Oh and I nearly forgot, we have included our fabulous STUCCO Card in the kit too this stuff is amazing it eats up any medium you can throw at it and keeps the colour intensity too!!!!!

IF you would like more information about this months fabulous Monthly Make then please visit our website 

 Oh and if you are wondering about the card watch this space I have loads of beautiful card/paper coming your way!!!!

Thursday 23 February 2017

Water colouring...

After a busy couple of weeks we have a couple of days off to slow down and enjoy Little Ladies half term holiday, so today we were meant to be heading of to the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester. It was a win , win really Little Man gets a trip on a train and a tram and Little Lady has been asking to go to the museum, BUT, the good old weather put pay to that, there was no way I was going to soaked to the skin and cold. 

So instead Little Lady and I got to play with some new papers. As you all know I a great lover of papers, especially papers that have texture or are "different". So I am always on the look out for new types of paper for us to stock. Well I think I have hit the jackpot or should that be paper pot? any way, we took delivery of some Watercolour Paper and Card the other day and Little Lady I have been putting them through their paces and I have to say I am very impressed.....

The first two are done on the paper and the final one is done on the card, they are brilliant and Little Lady had lots of fun too, she definitely tested how much water it can hold!!!!


Wednesday 1 February 2017

Thank you...

Wow, a big Thank You to everyone who ordered a Monthly Make over the weekend they should all be with you or will be very shortly..... we really do appreciate your support and hope you all enjoy them!

So, I have been working on some brand new Mini Makes! I can't wait to share them they are so much fun to do and will really give you something to get your teeth into. They are definitely a project with a big capital "P"

I have also been working on some new workshop samples, I can't show you full items but maybe just a little look won't hurt....

Thursday 26 January 2017

Wedding Anniversary Sale....

Well, as you have probably guessed it's our Wedding Anniversary this weekend we have managed a full 10 years of marriage!

So, to celebrate we have knocked 20% off all our Monthly Makes!!! That makes them £8.00 per kit what a bargain!

To check out all the fabulous savings just hop along to our website

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Dabble Day....

Wow, what a couple of weeks!

Firstly thank you to everyone who tuned into our Hochanda your support is overwhelming so THANK YOU!!! And yes the Journal books are back in stock again on our website here.

Secondly, Thank You to everyone who dropped by to say Hi at Nissan and at Sheffield, it was lovely to hit the road again and get to catch up with you all.

So what are we up to next, well.....

We have been asked to run a full days workshop for the next Dabble Day held in Sheffield on the 4th of Feb!!! Boy, a whole day to craft, share techniques and get really messy. So over the next week I will be working hard planning for that! And as requested it will be all aimed at blokes, so we will be making loads of cards and 2 yes 2 projects!!!!

So if you fancy joining us or just need more information please don't hesitate to drop a line at and I will do my best to help!

And our Monthly Makes are back in stock on the website - YAYYYY!!!!

For December we did a Art Journal project, so here's what the pack looks like....

But more inspiring, Here's what one of the projects look like......

And January's is a Card Making Month.....

Sue has created some real beauties this month....

I love January's set and I can see me using it a lot over the next few months!

Anyway I think that is it for now I really must get on sorting out for our FULL DAY workshop!!!!

Tuesday 3 January 2017


What happened to 2016???

It's been a rough year in so many ways if I think about that big old world out there it get's a bit scary and upsetting, So, for this moment I am going to concentrate on my little corner here at Crafty Roo HQ.

2016 saw so much change for us, has it been easy? NOPE but did we need to do it YEP! I am truly blessed for the family and friends that help me and Crafty Roo grow, without them I don't know what I would do - so thank you to them and you for everything you do! That email or good natter is sometimes all I need to keep me going, it really does prove why I am in this crazy business of crafting.

And there in lies the truth, this time last year if you asked me what I did I would answer "I design a few stamps", now I reply with "I own my own craft business, designing and manufacturing my own stamps". And that is a big change, my little business isn't going away it is growing. Is it hard work absolutely, is it exciting? you bet!!!

I could sit here and list all the things we did (or didn't!) do in 2016, but that was last year all I will say is we changed, I changed, we grew, I grew, it was definitely was year of growing...

As for 2017......

well hold onto those hats, on Thursday, yes this Thursday the 5th of January will be back on Hochanda and we have sooooo much to show you!!!! So if you fancy a giggle and a whole lot of mess then check out our shows at 8am and 11am. For more of this .....