Wednesday 27 April 2016

Monthly Make March 2016 - Tulip Days

March's Monthly Make has been a big hit and I am not surprised it just screams spring at you and with this frost that doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon it is exactly what is needed!!

So here rather later than planned are the other creations included in March's Monthly Make! As always if you click on the link below the picture you will be whizzed over to Sue's blog where you will find all the instructions on how these lovelies were made.

Also I have created a board on Pinterest just for our lovely Monthly Makes, there you will find all the creations in one place for every month - cool hey!   Monthly Make Pinterest Board

So if you would like to find out more about our Monthly Make then please visit our website. 


Wow it has been a while!

So what have we been upto...

Well we have been to Edinburgh, Sheffield, Sunderland, Hull to name a few places! We have had a lovely time out on the road meeting lots of lovely crafters, sharing ideas and tips! And of course meeting the poor soles who have been dragged along to carry the bags, you deserve a medal especially the fella (sorry I can't remember your name!) who fell asleep whilst his wife did a workshop and then abandoned him whilst she continued to shop - he was later collected and was fully refreshed for the rest of the day!

But, with all our travels I have let my lovely little blog slip a little so I am very sorry to keep you all waiting....

I will be back shortly posting all of  March (how bad am I???) and Aprils Monthly makes and a few other little bits I have been crafting along the way. But I can't just natter and not leave some inspiration so here are a couple of items we have been making in our workshops recently....