Wednesday 31 July 2013

Nina Crafts: All about Love.....

This card was really quick to make, Yah! BUT it turned into a disaster D'oh!

For this card I used the new stamp set from Nina Crafts Tufties in Love and Popular Phrases.

To make this card I stamped the Tufties  onto the bottom right of a pre-cut scalloped square card, then next to that I stamped "On Your Special Day" and in the top left corner I stamped the border. Next I coloured them all in using Distress Inks and a water pen.

Next I raided my 12 by 12 inch papers and found this wonderful double sided LOVE paper so I cut it in half length ways then scored it at 3 and 9 inches to make a gate fold card. I then found some red card and cut a matt to fit the stamped image.

Then using off cuts I cut a narrow strip of red card and a wider strip of off white, matted them and added some ribbon and a buckle. I stuck this in the centre of the card.

To finish this card off I attached the Tufties and added a gem to three corners and a BIG bow in the top left hand corner and some hat pins.

For the inside I stamped the border at the top and bottom of another precut scalloped card and coloured them in I them added Glossy Accents to the hearts to finish it off.

So where is the picture of the inside??? I can hear you all shout! Well I closed the card before the glossy accents was dry, yep it was a mess! Ggggggrrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Party Tufty

Whoops it's been a crazy couple of days, we headed out to Tatton Flower show on Friday and nearly melted as it was soooooo hot, but we still had a fab day, then Sunday was Little Ladies "Birthday" so a crazy day, yesterday we vegged out even Little Lady refused to do much and then today (Little Lady's actual Birthday!) we are enjoying playing with all our new toys and I have sneaked away for a few moments peace and back to all things crafty......

This card was made using the new Party Tufty stamp set from Nina Crafts. I really do love how this card turned out as I am not very good at colouring in!!!!!! I also used the picket fence stamp.

To make this card I started by stamping Party Tufty onto a square piece of white card and masked him off, behind him I stamped the picket fence ( I masked off the grass line so that the fence looks like it is sat in longish grass) and unmasked Tufty. Around the edge of the piece of card I tore some sticky notes and masked an edge. Next I coloured in Tufty using Distress Inks and a water pen. When I was happy with how it looked I then unmasked it and doodled a border around it in a black pen.

Next I cut a larger square piece of white card (as I couldn't find a pink piece I liked!) and stamped the cupcake around it in pink, then distressed it in other shades of pink. I then matted Tufty onto this piece.

Onto another square piece of white card I stamped the saying all over it in pink and I stamped the cupcake in three corners and distressed it.

Next I die cut and embossed two die shapes one just big enough to have the saying stamped onto it and the next size up out of white card. Onto the smaller one I stamped the saying then put the die back onto the shape and distressed it. Onto the larger one I put the die back onto it and stamped the cupcake all over it and distressed it too. I then removed the dies and made sure I gave them a quick wipe! 

Then onto an 8 by 8 inch square Kraft card I stamped the small balloon all over and doodled a boarder in black pen. In the top right hand corner I added the sentiment stamped square piece of card. Onto the Tufty square of card I added three brads and attached it to the bottom left corner. Finally I added the die cut sentiments.

Thursday 25 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Tutfy Wishes

I think I am going to make a batch of these cards for all of little ladies girly friends, I love how she can dance (well rock!) so gracefully!

To make this card I used the new Tufty Wishes, Popular Phrases and Birthday Galore stamp sets from Nina Crafts.

To make this card I found a die that would fit Tufty onto and stamped her in brown then masked her off. I the left the die around the die cut piece so I would be left with a white edge after distressing it. Next I stamped "Happy Birthday" all over the die cut in pink then distressed it. Once I was happy I removed the mask and the die and coloured in Tufty. I used distress inks to do this.

Next onto a rocker card I stamped "To Someone Special" around the bottom twice then distressed it too.

Then I distressed a large doily and cut it to fit the rocker card so that the text would still show.

To finish the card I stuck the doily and topper to the card and finished it off with a big bow and a couple of hat pins. I also added some Glossy Accents to the crown.

To make the pins safe for little fingers I snip off the sharp ends and add a small bead.

Wednesday 24 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Birth Announcements

When I first saw the new Party Tufty stamp set from Nina Crafts I immediately had the idea of making them into Birth Announcements, as a lot of the work can be pre-done in those last few (very long weeks!) or maybe at a baby shower!

This one I added blue for a little boy but it could easily be done in pink or purple for a little girl. I also used the Occasions, Tufty Wishes, ABC 123 and Sew Creative stamp sets.

This card is really easy to do! 

All I did was stamp Party Tufty onto a 6 by 6 inch square white card then stamped the grass and ladybird and the butterfly from Tufty Wishes. Then around the edge of the card I stamped the stitches from Sew Creative and the "xxx" from Party Tufty.  I then coloured in the bunny in yellows and pale browns. This could all be done in advance.

Then when the baby is born you colour in the remaining parts on Tufty, the ladybird and butterfly. Onto a corner of white card stamp the baby's name then mount that onto some blue card and attach to the card. 

Finally I added the ribbon and a button.

Now what a perfect gift to give a crafty mum to be 20 stamped cards, some pink/blue ribbon, some card for the name and the ABC 123 stamp set.

Tuesday 23 July 2013

Nina Crafts: 21 again????

For this card I used all the lovely ladies from the new Nina Crafts stamps! 

I also used Birthday galore, Plain Alphabet, Plain numbers matching and letter frames. 

To make this card I started by stamping three stars onto white card then in each star I stamped a different Mavis, then onto scrap card I stamped each of the glasses again. These were then coloured in and cut them out.

Next I stamped out "21" and "AGAIN" and filled them in using the stars and circles from Mavis goes swimming. These too were coloured in and cut out.

Then onto a strip of pale purple card (slightly wider then the stars) then stamped Happy Birthday in silver Glitter Paste and mounted it onto Silver card and added four purple brads. Then into the corners of a dark purple A5 card I stamped the stars in silver Glitter Paste too.

To finish of the card I stuck the pale purple strip of card across the center of the card and added the three Mavis stars and their additional glasses. I then stuck the "21" above the lovely ladies and "AGAIN" below. Finally I added Glossy Accents to the ladies glasses and the numbers/letters.

Monday 22 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Happy Birthday Grandad!

Here is another card I made for Nina Crafts using the new stamp set Love and Marriage. I am really pleased with how it turned out and want to give it a try using Mavis from the same set!

I also used Tufty Party (cupcake), Birthday Galore (backing birthday song) and ABC 123 (Grandad) to make this card.

To make this card I started by stamping Cecil onto a small rectangle of white card, with a small cupcake stamped next to him and coloured them both in. Around the edge I stamped the "xxx" from Tufty Party in the middle of each side in blue ink and added a blue brad in each corner and then drew wiggly lines to fill in the edge. This was them matted onto pearl blue.

Next I stamped "Happy Birthday to you......" allover the front and inside of a 6 x 6 inch easel card in pale blue ink and distressed lightly around the edge.

To finish of the card I stamped the "Happy birthday to you...."  in dark blue ink and cut it into two, I then stamped "Grandad" above the final line. I doodled around the edge and mounted them onto pearl blue. these were then stuck onto the card. Finally I added Glossy Accents to Cecil's glasses.

Friday 19 July 2013

Sneaky Peep!

This weekend Crafty Roo will be at the Stockport Handmade Market and I have three new bag designs to share!!!!

These little beauties will be pressed and ready for a new home......

So if you are in Stockport on Sunday why not pop by and say hi!

Thursday 18 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Fancy a dip?

This was actually the first card I made using the new NEW stamp sets from Nina Crafts. I was really pleased with the results!

For this card I used the NEW stamp sets Mavis goes swimming, Cecil goes fishing (crab and fish!), Mullered Mavis (bottles), Birthday galore and ABC 123. I also used the  Dad's shed and Out at sea Dimension Stamps project club sets and finally the Letter frames (star!).

Wow I didn't realised I had used soooo many stamps lol! 

To make this card I made a stepper card out of blue and sand coloured card, so that the peaks were 4cm, 8 cm and 10 cm high. 

Onto white card I stamped, coloured and cut out Mavis. Next I stamped two sheds, added the Seagull to one of the sheds and then masked of the door of a shed and stamped the stars all over it. Then to the roof of the same shed I masked it off and added the circles. I coloured these in to match  Mavis and cut them out. I then measured the width of the sheds and trimmed the stepper down width ways to match. Onto off cuts of white card I also stamped the life ring and some wine bottles, these were all coloured in and cut out.

Next I stamped the "Happy Birthday to you ...." saying in blue ink onto some more blue card then cut it to look like a wave and stuck it onto the bottom step. I did the same with some sand coloured card but this time stamped the crab and fish onto it and stuck it to the second step. I cut a second piece of sand coloured card but left this one blank. I then stuck the sheds part way down on the final step and added the sand to the bottom of it. To the shed I also fixed the life ring with a small brad and next to the sheds I stuck on the wine bottles.

Then onto yellow card I stamped the star Letter frame and inside I stamped "LIFE Begins At......" and stamped "60" onto Mavis. I then coloured and cut this out too.

To finish off the card I made a large hole on either side of the card  through all the steps and added an eyelet to the two holes on the front. I then threaded ribbon through all the steppers and tied it at the front (this made sure the card would stand as it kept sliding flat!). I then stuck on the star and Mavis to the card and added Glossy Accents to her glasses.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

Nina Crafts: Retire with style!!!!

I really hope you are sitting down!!!!!!! I have FINALLY got around to playing with the new stamp sets from Nina Crafts, sorry it's taken me soooooooooooo long Faye!

But hopefully the long wait has been well worth it.........

This first card has been made using the Cecil goes fishing and ABC 123 stamp sets.

To make this card I started by stamping the Newspaper stamp all over a 5 inch square piece of white card, then distressed it and mounted it onto Kraft card.

Next I stamped Cecil onto a small square piece of white card, coloured him in and mounted him onto kraft card.

Onto scrap piece of white card I stamped "Retire" and "with style!!!". I cut these down, mounted them onto Kraft card and added a green brad to either end.

To finish the card I added a green brad to each of the corners of the newsprint stamped card and mounted it flat onto a 6 by 6 inch square card. Next I added Cecil on an angle and added a green brad in the two corners that would remain visible. Onto opposite corners I added the text. Finally I added some Glossy Accents to Cecil's glasses.

Friday 12 July 2013

Butterfly Canvas

Here is a really quick canvas I made using the Build Your Own Butterfly stamp set. It was sooooo relaxing poking all those pins in!!!!

I started by covering the canvas in tapioca acrylic paint (the white to bright!). When it was dry I inked around the edges using different tones of blue Distress Ink. Next I stamped the Butterfly onto the canvas using Stazon ink and the antenna in copper Glitter Paste.

I then sat and added all the pins and sequins. On the back of the canvas I had added some polystyrene and the next time I do this I will make sure I don't stamp the image over the wooden frame as it is a nightmare trying the get the pins through!

Once I had covered all the butterfly in sequins I added lace, ribbon, fabric tape, well anything I could find really until I was happy with it!

I really hope you like how it turned out.....

If you like our stamps why not go and check them out on our website

Also check back soon as I am currently working on a couple of new fabric bag designs for the Stockport Handmade Market, which is on the 21st July. They are just beautiful and aren't even finished yet! And I have had to drag my sewing machine out ...............

Sunday 7 July 2013

Wedding Day!

Whoops it's been a couple of days! 

I have been busy playing out in this fabulous weather and have been too tired at night to blog, where as the small one (Little Lady!) has decided as its hot she will stay up later and later! Personally I think it has something to do with the bucketful of fresh home grown strawberries she is consuming every day,  or the fact she has a sneaky kip in the back of car every time we nip out even though from the moment we set off we are singing songs at the top of our lungs suddenly my singing buddy stops and she has zonked, who knows!!!

Any way back to crafty matters, this card has to be one of my favourite wedding cards of all time, I think it looks so different ....

To make this one I stamped onto a piece of white card 2cm smaller than an A5 card, the Large Cog Corner into the top right corner and bottom left in brown ink and created a mask, to mask off the bottom corner. 

Next I stamped Mildred to the left of the card and again onto another piece of white card. I coloured both of the Mildred's in using Distress Inks. Once I was happy I distressed around the stamped card and mounted it onto a bronze piece of card 1cm larger, then that was mounted onto an A5 cream pearl card and added Glossy Accents to Mildred.

Next working on the other piece of white card I stamped the Nakie Hatter and coloured it in and I also stamped "Congratulations 2U" from Postage Sentiments and cut them all out.

I covered Mildred in ultra thick embossing enamel. ( I used enamel as it dried quicker other wise I would have used Glossy Accents and left it to dry over night). Next I attached some net for a skirt, and around the top part of her body I attached lace and ribbon. I then attached Mildred to the card.

Next I shaped and attached Nakie Hatter to the other Mildred. The sentiment was placed in a bottle top and secured using Glossy Accents and then attached to the card.

I think this card works really well and can be adapted to suit any colour! I hope you like it too.....

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Thursday 4 July 2013

Dreamy Dragonfly......

I have wanted to do a girly card using our Build Your Own (BYO) Dragonfly stamp set for a while as I always seem to grab that set when I am doing a blokes card, crazy I know! 

I am soooooo pleased I did this card as I think it has turned out really well! And the best part is it took longer to dry the ink than it did to make the card!!!!!!!!

To make this card I started by cutting a piece of white card  6 by 6 inch square I then covered it in Tattered Rose Distress Stain working left to right to make sure I got lines across the page. I get a bit carried away using my Distress Stains so my piece of card was soaking lol! So I then dried it off using my heat tool.

When the card was dry I stamped the dragonfly randomly over the card in a darker pink ink. Once I was happy with the background I cut the piece of white card into four, 3 by 3 inch squares. Next I laid them out making sure I mixed up the pieces so that no matching pieces were next to each other. Once I was happy with how it looked I lined the pieces up in the middle and tacked them down with a piece of low tac tape on the edges. Next I stamped the dragonfly in brown ink making sure that the dragonfly covered all four squares, then removed the tape. Around all of the edges of the four squares I distressed them in a brown ink.

Next I cut another piece of white card this time 7 by 7 inch square onto this I stuck the four pieces of card making sure the brown dragonfly remained "together".  Into each of the outer corners I added a large brad and tied some cream ribbon across the bottom of the card. This was then mounted onto an 8 by 8 inch square Kraft Card.

To finish off the card I added two pink hat pins.

I said this was a quick card, it takes about 10 minutes to do! And if you didn't want to make a large card  you could always make this card using the Baby Dragonfly on a 6 by 6 inch square card! 

If you like our stamps why not go and check them out on our website

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Fancy Bird

This is another really girly card for me! I can't believe how much I enjoyed making it, sticking all the sequins on was sooooooo relaxing!!!!!

For this card I started by cutting a piece of white card 2cm smaller than an A5 card. Next I stamped Baby Bird about two thirds of the way up the piece of card and the small tail. Next I added added branches and flowers using On the Branch. I stamped these onto scrap paper first to get a faded image. I then tore a quarter of a circle out of a sticky note and masked of a sun shape in the top right hand corner. I then inked this in yellow. Next removed the mask and lightly blended the sun into the sky. I then lightly distressed the rest of the sky using pale blue. Once I was happy I stamped "Birthday Wishes 2U" from Postage Sentiments masked it off then stamped the postage mark. Around the edge I stamped the long stem from Poppy Cogs. To finish this off I distress around the edge in pink and coloured in the flowers and leaves using watered down distress inks.

Next I mounted this piece of card onto a piece of Kraft card cut 1cm larger. On the Kraft card around the edge I drew a wiggly line in black. I then added a brad and a bead cap to each of the corners. Around the bottom I added a big pink ribbon and tied a bow.

Next I stamped the flower from On the Branch around the edge of an A5 dusky pink card and distressed it in pink. I then coloured the flowers in using watered down distress ink. I mounted the stamped card onto this.

To finish off this card I added some hat pins to the ribbon and secured it to the card. Then added pink sequins to each of the cogs on Baby Birds wing and tail using Glossy Accents. Finally I added Glossy Accents to all the leaves and flowers and to the "Birthday Wishes 2U" sentiment.

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