Monday 7 January 2019

MMM - Magnets.....

Wow I know we haven't had a Monthly Make Monday for a while but I thought I'd try and get 2019 off on the right foot!

So before Christmas the Roolets and I where making a few things using Air Dry Clay, to be fair the pack had been open for ages (years in fact!) and the less clay that was in the pack, the less workable it became so I decided it was a good idea to try and create some flowers using Decembers Monthly Make.

First up you need some Air dry Clay, I like the DAS stuff it is child friendly and lasts ages and a clean flat surface to work on. I like to put some greaseproof/baking paper down to work on as all oc my cutting mats no matter how much I clean them are still messy and the clay will pick up any imperfections.

Roll out your clay until it is about 0.5cms thick (I used the Roolets playdoh rolling pins!) and larger than the stamp you want to stamp into it.

Ink up your stamp I used an Archival Ink pad, this does two things, it stamps your image into the clay, but it also protects your stamp as the clay will suck the moisture out of your stamps so if there is ink there instead it will remove the moisture from that instead. Press your stamp firmly into your clay, being careful note to got through the whole of the clay, but deep enough to leave a good debossed image.

(check out that concentration!)

Once you have stamped your image roughly cut around your flower, then use a pair of scissors to cut it neater. Once you are happy with your cut our flower dip your fingers into some clean water and smooth the cut edges of the flower. 

Then leave to dry, I shaped my flowers then used a cork board and round drawing pins to support it whilst drying.

As you can see the Roolets really enjoyed making them.

The clay will turn white as it dries.

Once your clay flowers and leaves are dry I added peacock feathers Distress Oxide to my flowers and fossilized amber Oxide to the the leaves from the centre out.

I then added some sliver gilding wax from the points of the petals/leaves towards the centre.

Next I took a sharp pencil and drew in the lines.

I found some magnetic tape and cut it to fit the backs of the flowers and leaves and stuck this on using a strong adhesive glue.

When the glue was dry the flowers didn't look quite finished - I found some gems and glued these into place on the flower.

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Mojo - Picture Adventure.....

"So, the adventure begins....."

and what and adventure 2019 will be! 

I'm not planning on scaling any mountains or setting sail around the world, but each and every one of us will be embarking on a new adventure this year, whether it be reading a new book or starting a new craft project, every time we open ourselves up to the possibility of the new, our adventure awaits! And that is really why I chose this saying for January, we are trying a new things this year and our adventure is just beginning...

So, should we get cracking on this new adventure?

I think so to! Today we are going to create our very own inspirational picture

First up you will need a picture frame mine was a cheap one that was left from a multi-pack. I took the back off it and just the paper inside as a template to cut my piece of card.

I then made sure my stamps/POLY PLATE were clean and dry and lay them out on the reverse of the paper form the front of the frame.

Next I used our 10cm Circle POLY PLATE and sprinkled Brusho over it (Gamboge, Turquoise and Purple) and added a little SprinkleIT (Copper) too.

I spritzed it a little then cleaned up my STAMP BASE so I won't get as many drips.

I stamped this in place on the sized piece of card. I then stamped one of the trees from the Twin Pines stamp set using Brusho (Emerald Green and Leaf Green).

To stop the trees from floating I sprinkled a little bit of Brusho powder onto my matt and spritzed it  until it was very watery. I then painted in the ground. I then did the same in the sky using the Turquoise Brusho. And then left it to dry.

Once it was dry I stamped the Adventure saying in Black Archival Ink and placed it in the frame.

 Where will our next adventure take us?????