Thursday 28 July 2016

Ed's Plane - Kym

This one is by me!

For this one I used up some odd shaped MDF that has been on the "to bin" pile for a while! You know the pile that has everything you say you are never going to use but can't justify throwing away well these were on this pile! I also used Ed's Plane, Ed Says and Man-Made backgrounds.

So before we get the crafty bit, I have been asked a couple of times why Little Man got the cog designs ones? and why it's called Ed's Adventure? 

Well, he is my little fix it! If there is a screw or a bolt on something he has to investigate, how does it work? how can he take it apart? nothing is safe so the cog designs really do suit him. And as for the name well he is a wanderer, he can make an adventure out of a cardboard box, the smallest thing and he is off like a rocket to investigate! 

Anyway back to the craftiness...

So I started with 3 identical MDF plaques and cover them all in off white paint then added some brown paint whilst it was wet dragging it through the wet white paint and left it to dry. When they were dry I distressed the using Distress Inks and added lines of brown paint to give the effect of wood. 

Then I pushed them together so the long sides were touching but the tops were at different heights. I then stamped the cogs in the corners in brown. Next I stamped the plane a number of times over the three pieces and left to dry.

To create the saying I distressed a small piece of card added the cos the the corners and then stamped the saying and then matted and layered it.

When the MDF pieces were dry  I covered them in clear ink and added UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) and heat set it.

To finish it I cut a piece of mount board to go across the centre of all 3 MDF pieces leaving a small gap between each one and attached them. I added some ribbons and attached the saying.

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