Sunday 10 July 2016

July's Monthly Make - Christmas Edition

I am still pedaling!

We have had a fantastic week here at Crafty Roo HQ. I have chained Mr Roo to the stamp making machine (don't worry I do occasionally let him out for a quick cuppa every now and then!) so, he is busy making stamps for our shows on Hochanda on the 21st of this month! 

I have been busy playing sorry "making samples" and I have had a few samples back from my fantastic Designs Team and they are looking fabulous. I just can't wait to share, maybe we will have to have a few sneaky peeps next week!!!! 

As for the kids they are busy as usual Little Lady seems to be jumping from one activity to another, this weekend it has been play dates and dance auditions! And Little Man and I have been out exploring, thank god for waterproof pants! We were walking through some very tall grass and suddenly he shrunk but about a foot. it was just like that Vicar of Dibley moment...

And then it gets better, not only was he wet and muddy but he scared a frog which jumped off into the long grass which of course we must find - impossible yes especially with an overly excited (nearly) 2 year old running about!  

Ooh yes back to the reason I actually sat down to type, it was to talk about this months Monthly Make!

So, all of you lovely people that have subscribed to our Monthly Makes should have had yours through the door way before now, they were sent out last Monday so I hope you are all enjoying the fabulous set! And for those of you who aren't, don't panic it is now available on our website here.

And why is this Monthly Make just so fabulous, well.......

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