Wednesday 27 July 2016

Thank You!

Wow, what a crazy week, this time last week I was sat worry about if anyone would like our new stamps set, would I mess up my demos or worse turn into a jibbering wreck! But apart from a couple of little glitches I don't think we did too bad. 

From all your feedback and comments I don't think I had anything to worry about, so Thank You! Will we be doing it again, give me a week to recover and ask again. And are we up to date order wise we are indeed, back to our usual 1 day turn around. And all of you lovely people who ordered our new stamps on pre-order well they should either already be with you or be very close, watch out for Mr Postie tomorrow!!!

As I have said so many times I have a fabulous Design Team in Sue, Nic and Jean! They really did do a stunning job making samples for the shows but don't worry I have lots of new things to keep them working on! So you haven't seen the last of them. 

What about samples, well it doesn't seem right to bung them all into one long post so I am going to sit and schedule a couple right now for the next couple of days and where I can I will give you a quick run down of how they are made. but in the mean time here is one of mine I made on the show....

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