Monday 18 August 2014

Playing Catchup

So many things have happened here at Crafty Roo HQ I am not quite sure where to begin, I guess I should  start were I left off nearly 1 month ago!


Well Little Lady turned FOUR, when/how did that happen? Sometimes I don't recognise the grown up young lady staring back at me or more accurately the teenager answering me back! 

To celebrate the big day she had a birthday party which she planned. She gave me a list of games she wanted, now I know what your thinking "how difficult can it be to do pass the parcel?" well this is Little Lady I am talking about so she wanted "proper" carnival games......

So we had Hook a Duck, Giant Skittles, Score a Goal, Whack a Mole, Pop a Balloon and Bean Bag Bucket.

Oh and of course a sheep cake 'cos that's what all 4 year old's want as their birthday cake!


We also have new stamps!!!

We have some fabulous Christmas ones........


Some new additions to our Build Your Own Range, these new ones are all sentiments and you get to create your own greeting - I have to say these are great to work with especially for last minute makes!!!!!!!! 


Some spooky Halloween ones


And as requested Cogsworth has been made into a stamp.


So if you are fancying a new stamp or two for those crafty makes why not check out our website.


I guess this has to be the biggest bit of news! 

Baby Roo finally arrived.

Our little Man is the spitting image of his big sister at that age apart from he has far more hair! However that's as far as the similarites go! He is the most chilled out Little Man I have ever met, as along as his belly is full he is one happy little chappy! I can't wait for him to get a little bigger and we can all start crafting together!


Finally, do you fancy winning some of the new Crafty Roo Stamps? Well why not check out Issue 70 of Creative Cardmaking........

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