Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas Fair

Well, where has Christmas sneaked up from? It only feels like yesterday we were starting school and now we have been working on donations for the School Christmas Fair.

This year Little Lady decided we had to make something for the School Fair and cakes just wouldn't cut it "Mummy we make cakes for school all the time!" She's right they run a monthly cake sale with the proceeds going to a different charity each month, which is great but donating cakes just wasn't enough for the SCHOOL CHRISTMAS FAIR!! 

So we whisked up 50+ sweet bags......

These are soooo easy to make Little Lady helped make everyone!  The stamps we used are our Little Holly Stamp and our Christmas Greetings. And lots of glitter glue.

So 50+ bags of sweets you would think would be enough, and in most cases you would be right! BUT! To Little Lady NO! She decided she wanted to make some toys, yes you read that right MAKE some toys. So after a few discussions, Little Lady won I ended up crocheting monsters and minions.....


Yep, I have learnt to Crochet!!!! It has only taken me till the grand old age of ** but I have finally done it! Many people have tried to teach me over the years, I have driven them mad as I just couldn't get it, but for some reason about two months ago it just clicked and I LOVE it!

So for my next challenge I have to make Little Ladies Nativity costume! Drum roll please! She has been cast in the oh so vital roll of CAMEL. Yes it is the ideal roll for her she gets to plod along at her own pace in her own little world and I have to figure out how to make a camel costume (minus the head!) oh the fun!

And a post from me would be complete without a picture of Little Lady and Little Man in all their craziness.....

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