Tuesday 26 May 2015

All About Lizzie....

I have been playing with the new Lizzie stamps and couldn't resist popping them all onto one card. 

BUT wait a minute I haven't used any Distress Inks!!!! Yep you read that right  - I will blame it on it being the school holidays and spending the last few days trying to sort out my jungle of a back garden! Normally my garden is kept in check and by this time of the year we have all sorts of veggies growing, but this year I just haven't had chance to get stuck in, until now! Only problem is I have lost a lot of my seedlings, and my tomatoes, well I don't even think the compost bin would want them, so Little Lady and I nipped to the garden centre to replace a few things! So I have ended up with a purple tomato plant and purple beans, a pumpkin and a few other random plants she decided we had to adopt.  I am not sure who is more excited about the purple beans Little Lady or the snails that have devoured then over night! Good job she is off to grannies tomorrow I can replenish the pot whilst she is out!

Anyway, back to the crafting I hope you enjoy this one.....

To make this card I started by cutting a piece of white card 13cm by 19.5cm. In the centre I stamped the original Lizzie and masked it off. I then added three leaves to either side and masked these off too (I worked on one side at a time so that I only needed three masks!). Then I created the stem/vine using the stem from Lizzie Doodles and added some colour to the centre of the flower and the leaves using (insert drum roll) pencil crayons! And added some doodle lines around the edge of the card.

Next I placed a piece of black lace across the centre of the card to get the position for the sentiment and stamped that.

I cut a piece of pink card and mounted the stamped images onto it, attached the black lace and mounted it onto an A5 white base card.

Next I stamped 1 of the medium sized Lizzie flowers and 2 of the smallest size onto pink card, highlighted the centres using a white pencil crayon and cut out. And then stamped 2 of the medium sized leaves and 2 of the smallest leaves onto green card and highlighted and cut out as before.

To finish the card I attached the flowers and leaves and added a few gems!

I really enjoyed making this card and it reminded me how much I enjoy masking, so I might just have to play some more.

 I hope you like our stamps, if you do why not check out our website.

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