Monday 4 January 2016


Wow, what a year 2015 was. A year full of highs and lows! I know it is a little late to be reflecting on 2015, 4 days into 2016, but, it's always good to know where you have been!

Last year we attended more shows than ever, and we have got to meet and chat to so many of you which is always lovely to do. And as most of you know by now I love good jibber jabber! The best part of being out and about is always seeing what you have made using our stamps! 

We also ran more workshops than I care to think about, but every single time people created beautiful items! And if people leave our workshops happy then we have done our job!

We have had our moments too, being stuck in traffic mile after mile, closed roads, you name it. My poor sister has been subjected to too many hours of my driving and singing, I am sure I should have got her ear plugs for Christmas! Though, on the really early starts she does have a tendency to nod off for a couple of hours and she can rattle the windows with the best of them! So I guess we are even - well may be! But most of the time the tough bits have created some of the best belly laughing moments, people in the cars next to us must really wonder what we are up to!

In August we finally launched our Monthly Makes and from the feedback, you are all loving then as much as we do! Sue has done a stunning job creating samples and step by step guides in 2015 and she has agreed to continue to do so in 2016. We have also launched our Mini Makes, which again are proving to be very popular and we are trying to add to these!

And of course how can we forget Crafty Roo Designs's telly debut. Two hours of live telly! Who would have thought it - what could go wrong? But as always the constant support of our friends and family guided us through!


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