Wednesday 8 June 2016

June's Monthly Make

Wow, we have been enjoying some very nice weather this past two weeks and whats even more shocking Little Lady has been on school holidays too! But it was back to school today and only 5 more weeks and it will be the big school holiday! How did that happen?

With end of school in mind June's Monthly Make is saying "Thank you for helping me grow..." this year more than ever we are incredibly grateful to Little Lady's teacher and school. As most of you are aware Little Lady was having an extremely difficult time at the beginning of this school year which resulted in us moving schools. It wasn't a decision we took lightly nor did we ever expect to have to make. But, as those of you who saw or spoke to Little Lady around Christmas will know how much the situation was affecting her emotionally and physically, IT HAD TO STOP!

So on the 1st of Feb (after a lightening speed transfer) Little Lady moved schools and by the end of that first week we had our happy, confident, cheeky Little Lady back! Her new school had done exactly what they had promised, which was to make her feel safe and make her whole again! So this set was designed with those fabulous ladies in mind, the ladies that helped our Little Lady grow....

This month sue has come up with 3 different card designs using the Make it Kit, each one can be made using the Thank you sentiment or just the plain stem (well it's not that plain!).

And I went all out making gift ideas

So if you would like to find out more about our Monthly Make then please visit our website.

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