Saturday 21 July 2012

Happy New Home

Happy New Home sis! Or nic-nic as she will ever be known by anyone who passed us yesterday at Tatton flower show, my little'un was shouting it at the top of her lungs any time nic-nic dared not to be within arms length!

This card was just sooo simple to make.

I took a plain white 8x8 inch card covered it in a key stamp (kaisercraft I think, as packaging is long gone!) distressed it lightly.

For the house I used Anne Maries design template, cut it out in card, then tore strips from a book and distressed then in greens. I then covered the house in the torn paper and cut around it, then distressed the cut edge. I cut 2 strips of a card board box and removed one of the flat sides stuck these on to make the roof and added staples, just because..... The door and window were made by cutting a rough rectangle and square. A mirror tile was added for the window and a smaller brown rectangle was cut for the door. A bead cap and brad were used for the door knocker. I tore a small rose for the top of the house out of some patterned paper, distressed it in pale brown then when it was made I added some crackle paint.

The butterflies are just a simple butterfly stamp (who's it is I have no idea!) distressed in pinks the wings curved slightly and a safetypin added as the body.

To bring it all together I added the ribbons down the sides. The key was attached using a chain of safetypins. I found to silver corners in my stash and added a cat embelishment next to the front door.

I didn't add a sentiment on the outside as it is the perfect size for an ikea box frame, so if she has a wall that needs a picture in the short term it can be used!

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