Sunday 1 July 2012

Introducing Magnolia

Isn't she wonderful!

She has taken months to paint, well maybe not months, it just feels that way! But she is finally finished, she is about 12inches high by about 18inches long and weighs the same as a baby elephant, especially when you are holding her up with one hand and painting with the other. Lol.

I just love her, she is probably the bigest piece I have ever painted and she has given me the confidence to tackle a couple more of the larger pieces I have waiting to be painted, well maybe!

Whist I was painting Magnolia, I also worked on Bert...

(He will have a light in side him and little coloured bulbs in the trees, once my husband has chance to fit it!)

And of course Ernie...

(Not great picture!)

Both are alot smaller than Magnolia and were a doddle to paint! Or as my little'un calls them "tiny tiny".

This last one still needs glazing (and a minor repaint on its hat, one to many cuddles from little'un!).

I haven't named this one, yet its just known as head! lol.

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