Sunday 20 January 2013

Nina Crafts: Girly Gadgets and Posie Passion

Dimension Stamps launched a new range of stamps last Friday called Nina Crafts and I got to have a play with them!
This photo album/brag book is small and light weight so ideal for carrying around with you. It is designed so that the photos can be slipped in and out without the need for glue or brads, so no excuses for not having up to date photos to hand!

To make it I used the following stamp sets: Girly Gadgets (ref: NC001) and Posie Passion (ref: NC004) from Nina Crafts.

I started by cutting seven pieces of white card 5 inches by 7 inches (to hold 4x6 inch photos). Onto one I randomly stamped the large flower from Posie Passion all over. On the other six and on the back of three, I stamped two flowers on each towards the centre of the piece of card.

Next I made a mask by stamping the flower onto a sticky note and cutting out a petal (I needed a couple of these as when stamping the words the ink starting to come through.) Then in alternate petals I stamped "Pout" and "Smile" from the Girly Gadgets set on all of the stamped flowers.

On the piece of card I had stamped all over and one of the single sided other pieces of card, I masked of the flowers and distressed it to make the front and back pages. Onto each of these pieces I stuck a piece of grungeboard then onto that I stuck the other two single sided pieces.
Then I cut a small square of white card and stamped and embossed the camera onto, then masked it off and stamped the large flower again, adding the words as before. Next I stamped "Memories" in the corners. I then drew a black line around the edges and distressed up to it. I added a flower brad to each corner and attached it to the front of the album.

To make the inside pages I cut three pieces of light weight pink card 5 inches by 3 inches, scored at 1.5 inch. And cut two pieces 5 inches by 1.5 inches. Then in blue lightweight card I cut three pieces 5 inches by 2 inches, scored at 1 inch. And cut two pieces 5 inches by 1 inch.
Next onto the scored pieces of pink I stamped "Memories" on the two edges facing away from the fold at the top on one side and at the bottom on the other. On the other two pieces of pink I stamped "Memories" again facing out, once on each piece. I repeated this for the blue pieces but stamped "Memories" facing the fold line.
Once that was all done I took the front page and on the inside I stuck the unfolded blue piece to the outside edge with "Memories" at the bottom facing out. And the unfolded pink piece to the inside edge, so that the "Memories" was at the top facing out. When gluing the strips on only add glue to the two shortest sides and along the side that will be on the edge of the book. (this makes the pocket to put the photo into). This needs to be repeated for the back page too.
Then take one of the stamped white cards and on one end glue a blue strip and on the other a pink strip, for these I only glued along the two shortest sides. Then repeat this for the final two pages.
Finally stack it up so that all the pink edges are on one side and all the blue on the other, and bind it. I used a Cinch but book rings would work just as well.
It really is simple to do and you can add as many pages as you want!

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