Monday 9 February 2015

OH NO!!!!!!!

So, what do you do if you drop a Jelly Baby or two????? 

Make a card of course......

To make this card I dusted off the Jelly Babies with a paint brush and covered them in a Sealer and left them to dry. 

I then cut a piece of white card 5inch square and about a thrid of the way up the card I stamped "You're so sweet" and the hearts and kisses from our new Valentines Greetings stamp set, coloured in the hearts and doodled around the edge. This was then mounted onto a piece of yellow card, brads were added to each corner and this was then mounted onto a 6 inch square card.

Next I cut a small piece of white card big enough for the three fella to fit on and a larger piece in yellow. I doodled around the edge of the white piece of card and mounted this onto the yellow, added brads and attached this to the card.

To finish of the card I attached the three fellas and added glossy accents to the hearts.

I can't stress this enough DO NOT EAT THE SWEETS!!!!!!!!  But how cool hey!

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