Monday 15 June 2015

Fathers Day Gift

This gift was really quick and simple to make and best of all, its up-cycled too!

In our house sticky notes are very rare but extremely valued! So what better gift than a sticky note holder!!! 

To make this gift I found an old CD case and measured the inside of the front and back of the case and took 1mm of the measurements. I then created my backing papers, for mine I used Distress Strains and Inks, but it would look fabulous made using a picture the kids had painted too! I then cut it to fit in side the case. I chose a picture of the kids, its an old one but one of the very few where one of them isn't pulling a funny face! Trimmed it down and cut a mount for it. 

Next I inked up a piece of off white card using Bronze Distress Stain and left it to dry. When it was dry I stamped A Sons First Hero and A Daughters First Love and cut them out.

To make the CD into a stand I first removed the front cover, turned it and re-attached it, the front will then stand quite nicely (if it doesn't a small blob of glue will fix it into place. Onto the backing paper I doodled around the edge and attached the photo and then slipped this into the case and the cut out sayings attached the the CD case.

For the base I doodled around the edge and stamped Dad across the top of the piece of backing paper. I then covered this in sticking back plastic so that when the sticky note run out they can be removed without damaging the paper. This was then placed into the back of the CD and the sticky notes attached to it.

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