Monday 9 September 2013


It is not often I write anything personal on here, but today is one of those days where my crazy little patch of this great big world gets changed, not in either a good or bad way it just changes.....

Three years and one month and 10 whole days ago my Little Lady arrived!

And since then we have been constant companions, we have good and not so good moments, she knows exactly how to make me laugh, cry and want to tear my hair out all at the same time. But in the same way, every day she amazes me, she amazes me with her compassion, her strength and more amazingly her wisdom. In that giant noodle of hers is a very mature, wise, grown up girl, she is far older than her 3 years! Over the past 3 years it is very rare that we are apart for any length of time and even "rarer" is it, that in those moments apart is she not with either my hubby or my mum.

But today my Little Lady left the house dressed like this.....

(A grand occasion and she decides its a no photo day!!!!)

It is a moment that she has wanted and has pestered for since Christmas and it is exactly what she needs, she is ready to go a "Learb" things, if you ask her about school (you can't call it Nursery she goes mad!) she will tell you "School will be a little bit fun, and a lot of super fun!", so how can I not be happy for her!

Today marks a new chapter in our little world, does having the house Little Lady free for 3 hours a day feel weird you bet-cha! Does the quietness of not being pestered every 2 seconds, make me realise someone else is answering the "weird only Little Lady could ask" questions, yep. And how my little 2 foot shadow now has a little patch of world to call hers away from mine, scare the living ### (well you get the picture!) It sure do!  

So today I have to learn from my Little Lady, pull up my big girl pants and be super brave, everything "will be fine" (her favorite saying) and this new chapter has begun!  

Roll on home time!!!!

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