Thursday 6 December 2012

5 minute make....

I kid you not this lovely candle took a maximum of 5 minutes to make! Of course you can't light it but I very rarely light candles these days as my cat goes mad for the flames (yes he is a tad on the weird side!)

I decided to take a break from working on my tree skirt as it is progressing but very slowly. And I wanted to have a play with a new set of stamps that Dimension Stamps will be releasing on Create and Craft of the 14th!

So I stamped onto a white piece of tissue paper, then trimmed the tissue paper down so it just fit around the candle and had a very small boarder on the top and bottom. Next I wrapped the tissue paper around the candle where I wanted it and then wrapped the whole thing in greaseproof paper, then heated it slowly with the heat gun, turning it and moving the heat gun. Being careful not to melt the candle!

When the tissue paper had "sunk" into the candle, I then attached a black ribbon with a red one over the top. Where the two ribbons met I attached a fabric flower, inside it I put a bead cap and then stuck a pin through them all to secure it to the candle. (If you using a small candle be careful your pins don't pop out the other side!).

Next I added the feathers and secured with Silicon glue. Finally I stamped the "Enjoy" in Stazon onto a metal tag and attached that too!

See I told you it was a quick one!

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